15-30 ans : « La Boussole des jeunes » pour ne plus rater aucune aide !

15-30 years: “The Youth Compass” so you never miss help again! – Maisons-Alfort

Almost one in two young people does not use social assistance. The cause is too much information, a vocabulary that is not easily accessible or even the geographical distance of structures aimed at youth… all factors that delay access to the rights of 15 to 30 year olds.

However, in France there is a wide range of offers and assistance in different areas: healthcare, housing, training, international mobility… But paradoxically: “ Although the information available to young people is plentiful and developed, they often feel insufficiently informed, preventing them from taking advantage of the opportunities offered to them », Says the academic management of the National Educational Services of Val-de-Marne.

This is why the Ministry of National Education launched the system “The Youth Compass” throughout the national territory, a digital tool to fight against the failure to exercise the rights of 15-30 year olds, which is developing today in the area of ​​Paris Est Marne et Bois, where Maisons is part matters. .

Facilitate access and use of rights

“La Boussole des Jeunes” is presented in the form of a digital platform that – depending on the situation of each person – lists all the services available near a person’s home to meet a specific need (search for training, mobility grant , financing your driver’s license, obtaining a guarantor, etc.). All you have to do is enter your zip code, select the topic that interests you and then complete a short questionnaire to define your profile and your needs… At the end, a list of services that will appear available to you and that may interest you. “ The Youth Compass was presented as a digital tool that promotes user autonomy (…) with efforts to popularize information and facilitate contact with the right professional », It is specified.

For example, we tested a housing need: be careful, the platform does not offer advertising, but depending on the situation offered it told us what resources are available in our area and the people we should contact to help us. It is also possible to leave your contact details so that a professional can call us back.

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