29 ideas for decorating a bohemian bedroom

The bohemian style stands out by offering a complete change of environment as well as a zen note in interior decoration. If you want to adopt a bohemian style for your bedroom, here are 29 decorating ideas that you can try for an authentic and modern result.

Opt for natural materials

In your furniture or decorative accessories, including lighting and mirrors, natural materials are the basis of the bohemian atmosphere: wood, raffia, rattan, wicker, straw…

Natural textile

Another key element of bohemian style, textiles bring a touch of softness to your bedroom. And here, combine different types of textiles to get a pleasant and lively atmosphere in your room: hemp, cotton, bamboo, linen, silk, sea grass, jute, wool…

Sober and calming colors in the center of attention

Bohemian style is above all an art of living focused on peace, nature and softness. This also translates into the right color combination for your furniture, walls and decorative accessories: beige, terra cotta, orange, taupe, off white, soft brown, etc. Complete it all with floral, navajo or aztec patterns for your rugs, cushions and curtains .

Add life to your wall decoration

Macramé, dream catchers, woven fiber fans or even paintings depicting a distant landscape are all possibilities that can decorate your room with an elegant bohemian touch.

Wooden beds

Wood is the most common material in bohemian style decoration. For your bedroom, opt for wooden springs/beds: bleached pine, kubu, teak, rattan headboards, etc.

Furniture made of wood or rattan

Complete the decor with wooden or rattan furniture to get a harmonious and pleasant decoration. A bedside table, a wardrobe, a rattan armchair, handmade stools, a wooden bookshelf… these are all options you can try.

Do not neglect decorative accessories

For a complete change of scenery, add a variety of decorative elements to your bohemian bedroom: rattan wall mirror, travel trunk, blown glass vases, amber glass apothecary bottles, wicker storage basket, etc.

Used or DIY items

For the most creative, home-made or DIY decorative accessories add authenticity to your bohemian bedroom. If you don't have an artistic flair or time to tinker, you can easily turn to used furniture and objects that bring their own stories and experiences here.

Enter the floral note

Who says bohemian, also says fields of flowers in abundance. Bring this rustic feel to your bedroom with graphic designs, succulents, and don't forget dried flowers.

Choose your lighting wisely

Lighting also plays an important role in creating a pleasant and soothing atmosphere. A blown glass table lamp, a rope pendant, an industrial-style floor lamp and a few garlands placed above your bed, here you will get chic and authentic lighting for your bohemian bedroom.

Mix up the styles

Nothing prevents you from combining several decorative trends with bohemian style. You will get an original and pleasant room, with a lively and charming decoration:

  • Modern bohemian bedroom
  • Ethnic bohemian bedroom
  • Scandinavian bohemian bedroom

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