8 trendy ideas for interior decoration without spending money

Discover how to decorate your home elegantly tips and decorating ideas available for all budgets. Whether in the bathroom, kitchen or less obvious areas such as hallways and entrances, decorations now occupy every room in the house. Here are 8 original ways to add character to your space that will add a quick and inexpensive decorative touch.

1. Energize a colorful wall

To start painting, there is nothing better and cheaper than decorating the wall with a beautiful color. Painting the backrest, headboard, window frame, fireplace or any other architectural element in the house can quickly give a modern look to your decoration.

2. Enhance plants with designer containers and suspensions

Containers, planters, glass containers, plant suspensions: there are many possibilities to make your plants really stand out in your interior. A particularly economical decoration that can be used in every room, from the living room to the bathroom.

3. Replace the curtains with blinds

Opting for shades instead of old curtains can sometimes be enough to modernize yours cocooned atmosphere in the bedroom or living room at a reasonable price. In addition, this economical solution helps to avoid wasting energy.

4. Choose the right lighting

Lampshades, pendant lights, wall lamps and even the bulbs themselves offer more and more design-oriented solutions to delicately enhance your interior decoration! A current trend to try: the integrated copper effect, for example, in a designer kitchen or bathroom.

5. Opt for designer sinks at a good price

Once reserved for luxury bathrooms, today we can find attractive designer sinks at significantly more affordable prices. This allows you to have a chic interior without spending too much during your moving.

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6. Apply a trendy wallpaper

As an economical alternative, wallpapers can be an interesting option for beautifying your space. A trend has been spotted: imitation cement tile wallpapers – undoubtedly more affordable than authentic tiles – which can be used for small decorative details.

7. Install modern vinyl floors

Replace outdated floors with a touch of current modernity in interior design. Durable and easy to install, vinyl flooring now offers a variety of imitation materials ranging from wood to concrete to cement tile.

8. Focus on accessories

Relying on accessories to accentuate modest projects is a winning combination for creating a successful interior design. Focus on a few essential items like pillows, throws, vases, etc. and arrange them according to your style. Major decoration brands often offer collections based on trendy themes: Scandinavian, jungle, girly, graphic, etc. Decorating tip to remember: in the living room or any other friendly space, create an accessible decorative composition.

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