“90 hours of missed lessons”: fed up with these parents who want “the right to lessons” for their children

“90 hours of missed lessons”: fed up with these parents who want “the right to lessons” for their children

While a CP class in Millau suffers from the teacher’s repeated, irreplaceable absence, the academic director takes the floor.

In an email addressed to the editors of Midi Libre, parents of students in the CP class of the Albert Séguier-Le Crès school in Millau warn about the many lessons missed since the start of the school year. “The teacher who occupies the position is absent due to a long-term illness and her replacement is regularly called up to fill in at other schools,” the students’ parents present in an irritated manner.

And yet, three months ago, what was necessary was done to prevent this situation from continuing. “Despite a letter sent to the Academic Director of National Education in December 2023, the situation remains unchanged (…), let the parents know. We invoke the “right to education” of our children, which is a is a fundamental right.”

“Missed 90 hours of lessons”

The findings they describe are alarming. Since the beginning of the year, these absences equate to 15 days of missed classes, or 90 hours, according to the students’ parents. Contacted the academic director, Claudine Lajus, nuance figures in hand. “What has been reported to me is that the substitute teacher has been absent for seven days since September.”

“The students are taught by other teachers at the school,” explains the scientific director. However, this only creates logistical limitations, as parents testify. “Any absence disrupts the other school levels, disrupting the daily program (…) and overloading the classes.”

“We have opportunities that are emerging”

Claudine Lajus, aware of the situation, wants to be reassuring and claims to pay special attention to it. As for a deadline for a possible return to normal, it remains vague: “What I can say is that there are possibilities, but I cannot announce anything.”

Although the teaching profession has been asking for more staff for years, the situation at this school in Millau is ultimately only a pale copy of what happens in many other schools.

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