A career forum in Gramat to clarify the path for high school students

A career forum in Gramat to clarify the path for high school students

In the third year, students must formulate guidance wishes to think about their path after university. And from group 4 onwards, secondary school students must prepare themselves to formulate these wishes. With the aim of helping them in their approach, Anne Vergely, director of the college La Garenne de Gramat, Delphine Boyer, secretary, Benoît Normand and Fanny Imbert, teachers, organized ‘the orientation morning’ on Friday, March 8.

No fewer than 150 students from the 4th and 3rd grades, under the guidance of members of the education team, were able to participate in three workshops: a career forum in the Jean-Dumas village hall and two meetings at the college with the association “They are moving” and with high school students from sector institutions.

In the village hall were present about forty professionals from all sectors (health, body care, public works, construction, tourism, catering professions, law, book professions, communication, justice, agriculture, agrifood, early childhood, banking, real estate, cars, etc. .) but also representatives of the CNICG, the CEA, the firefighters. Equipped with a questionnaire, each student could meet four professionals of their choice.

“We could ask all the questions we wanted about the studies we had to follow to practice this or that profession. People listened to us and explained what they were doing,” say two schoolgirls, Louane and Marie.

“Have no boundaries”

Professionals such as Grégory (automotive sector) or Laëtitia (journalist) were pleasantly surprised by the good preparation in advance by the students and the relevance of the questions asked. During the discussions they did not fail to remind them of the importance of the human qualities and attitudes they should have in their future profession. Through meetings with former students of the college, currently in high school (in Figeac, Souillac, Gourdon, etc.) or in a training center (CFAA Lacapelle-Marival), they were able to collect numerous testimonies on the progress and content of the studies, about the apprenticeship system and its rewards, but also about life after university.

After a presentation of the Mécanic Valley, Lucie, Carole and Audrey, engineers at Ratier Figeac and godmother of the association “Elles Bougent”, whose main ambition is to strengthen diversity in companies in the industrial sectors, in particular to university girls from: that all women had their place in the industry. “You have to dare and know no boundaries,” she added. A morning that undoubtedly helped in thinking about future directions.

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