A return to basics for Maurice Blay

A return to basics for Maurice Blay

Maurice Blay, graying hair, 4-day beard and mischievous eyes, walks among the ten trainees who have gathered in one of the new training rooms of the sports base. It offers training to these sports instructors 2 days a week, alternating with their structure. At the age of 77, this former departmental youth and sports technical advisor and Uereps trainer has been providing training since October 2023, allowing trainees to create, develop and complete a sports project. “It is a training initiated by the director (Bruno Blucheau) and a team of young people (they will recognize themselves) who, like us forty years ago, were very willing to share in a warm and friendly climate,” confirms Maurice Blay .

The latter wore his sneakers for a while on this site. In the early 1970s, a gym teacher in the north, originally from the region, he discovered the Templaise basic campsite during his holiday with a beach, swimming pool, sailing boats, an ideal place to meet friends. Given his interest in the structure, “I was offered a seasonal job for the summer holidays. After training as a sailing instructor, I accepted the job.”

Between motivated colleagues

A few years later, Maurice Blay applied to be seconded to this structure to develop the reception of lessons and internships. “With the support of the base manager, I acquired this full-time position.” In 1978, the Blay family moved to the temple. Responsible for participating in the animation of a multi-stakeholder team, seconded by national education, youth and sports, the general council, we will experience years of professional happiness among motivated and committed colleagues,” he recalls with nostalgia. second house. Maurice Blay, better known as ‘Momo’, is flourishing both professionally and personally, but this collaboration ends because ‘our commitment is poorly perceived. We are asked to abandon ship. Did we make any communication mistakes, were we likely to be disruptive? Very possible…’, he still wonders. Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Contacts will be resumed on the occasion of a change of course. After a few years, a sports pedagogue training project was born. Although retired, ‘Momo ” is asked to participate in the implementation and smooth running of this project. He brings his experience and his experience in this field. For this pensioner it is “a happy return”. Of course, I will pass the torch as soon as possible. But what a pleasure to find a place, an atmosphere and a dynamic that was left behind more than forty years ago.”

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