According to Intel, Microsoft requires a special keyboard key for Copilot

According to Intel, Microsoft requires a special keyboard key for Copilot

For several months now, Microsoft has been improving Copilot to make it one of the ultimate arguments for Windows. AI-dedicated PCs are in the works and Intel has provided the first details, specifically about a keyboard key dedicated to the AI-powered virtual assistant, The Verge reports.

A keyboard key to start Copilot

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is the AI-powered chatbot that supports multi-modal processing and image generation. Available in online service and mobile application.

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Microsoft is asking original equipment manufacturers such as Intel, Qualcomm and AMD to provide a combination of hardware and software for laptops labeled ‘AI PC’. These are models equipped with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), the latest CPUs and GPUs and access to Copilot.

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In order for machines to be considered “AI PC,” Microsoft requires that a special Copilot keyboard key be added to the keyboard. It should be near the left arrow on the directional pad. Just press it to start the AI.

An attractive “AI PC” logo for manufacturers

Manufacturers have a vested interest in adding this keyboard key to display the “AI PC” logo, which is likely to be very popular in the coming years. Artificial intelligence is finding its way into all companies, whether it is Samsung with Galaxy AI or Google with its Gemini model. Better not to miss the boat.

The Verge contacted Microsoft, which did not comment on this requirement, preferring to keep its AI plans secret. However, we know that Intel has been encouraging developers to integrate the technology into their applications since October, and has even launched a special program for small teams.

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