Agricultural show: students testify to 'unique experience'

Agricultural show: students testify to ‘unique experience’

“We had the experience of a lifetime”: returning from the Agricultural Fair, the students of the agricultural secondary school talk about a Paris adventure that left its mark on them.

Some took part in the International Agricultural Education Trophy. Others in the “prick” tests. Still others were working in the milking parlour. A total of about fifteen students from the Pamiers agricultural college have returned from Porte de Versailles, in Paris, where the sixtieth edition of the Salon de l’Agriculture took place, which closed its doors about ten days ago. A unique experience, in the general opinion. They were honored by their establishment on Thursday during a gathering in the establishment’s amphitheater.

An important learning experience

“We brought students from CGAA (1) to Paris, but not only that. Other courses were also represented. All these students contributed to the image of the establishment. But most importantly, they had significant training and learning experience, in a situation. The goal was not to go to Paris, but it was a training goal. Really educational. Showing our profession, which is sometimes a complicated profession, but a profession with passion. Promote it to the general public, put it forward; it is essential if we want young people to be attracted to this profession tomorrow,” underlined Laurent Borreill, head of the establishment, when he received students.

In the running for the Agricultural Education Trophy

A group of six students, consisting of Léa Souque, Léa Canizares, Justine Geraud-Souquet, Océane Lemaire, Simon de Grailly, Lucas Lavigne, Lilou Gaillot-Patrique and Paul Eychenne, was in the running for the International Agricultural Education Trophy, led by from the guidance of two teachers, Maxime Joulot and Sébastien Sales. The agricultural secondary school is in eighth place (40 branches, from 29 departments, participated in this selection). The participants were assessed during four tests: making a video about the profession of a livestock farmer, handling a cattle in complete safety, a presentation test in the ring and their behavior at the show. “A remarkable and striking state of mind,” Maxime Joulot underlined.

Charcoal in the milking parlour

A group of BTS students, in turn, were busy with coal in the milking parlour. “A super enriching experience, despite the fatigue, the cold and sometimes some grumpy breeders,” said a student. “We met a lot of people and learned a lot.”

Finally, several students took part in technical scoring tests on different cattle and sheep species, led by Hervé Autrand, animal production teacher. Khady Thiam, Typhaine Ramirez, Loann Dejean and Kilian Pages represented their establishment with talent. Loann and Kilian share the first two places in Gascon points.

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