Anah help: height and conditions

What is Anah (National Housing Agency)?

State subsidies to owners

Founded in 1971, the National Housing Agency (Anah) is a public body whose role is to implement the national policy of developing and improving the private housing stock in France.

Anah mainly intervenes in favor of:

  • owners of tenants with modest incomes;
  • landlords who commit to affordable rents.

For home improvement and renovation

Anah's aid aims to encourage the implementation of renovation works in the private housing stock to improve the quality of housing and promote access to decent housing for all.

Anaha's subsidies and aid are intended to fight against:

  • against unworthy and highly degraded housing;
  • against energy poverty;
  • to adapt housing to the needs of the elderly or people with disabilities;
  • for the treatment of co-ownership in difficulties.


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What job will Anah cover in 2024?

Anah subsidies can help finance major construction projects or improvements to private housing.

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List of relevant works

There are different supports (see below), each supporting different types of work. Thus, Anah can subsidize:

  • large renovation projects, especially for the renovation of unworthy or degraded housing: insulation, heating systems, etc.;
  • adaptation of housing for people with disabilities;
  • total energy renovations (energy saving, etc.).

Wait for Anah's decision before you start working

The works must never be started before receiving the subsidy award decision from Anah.

In the case of a positive decision, this subsidy is paid upon completion of the works.

Sometimes, for very modest incomes, it is possible to get an advance to start work. Progress can therefore refer to housing adaptation to loss of autonomy (MaPrimAdapt').


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My decent housing bonus for healthy housing

My bonus for decent housing: principle

These are large projects with high costs that aim at the complete renovation of degraded and unhygienic residential buildings (renovation of water, electricity or gas networks).

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Replaces Healthy Living or Serene Living aids.

The works in question

Eligible jobs are listed on the agency's website, but in general they are jobs essential to the safety, health and minimum comfort of housing:

  • Installation or renovation of water and electricity networks.
  • Installing a toilet or bathroom.
  • Roof replacement.
  • etc.

Small maintenance or improvement works and those comparable to new construction or expansion are excluded.

Amount of aid

The support covers 50% of the costs of the works, up to a limit of 50,000 euros.


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MaPrimeAdapt' housing affordability subsidy

MaPrimeAdapt': principle

From January 1, 2024, the MaPrimeAdapt' assistance is a unique assistance that allows you to adapt your home after the loss of autonomy to allow the elderly to remain in their own home.

Specifically, it replaces the old Anah aid, Habiter Facile, and can be combined with MaPrimeRénov'.

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The works in question

This assistance covers interior or exterior decoration works. Here are some examples:

  • Installation of an electric stair lift.
  • Assembly of grips.
  • PMR parking space.
  • etc.

Amount of aid

Depending on the resource conditions, MaPrimeAdapt' can cover 50 or 70% of the work, within the limit of 22,000 euros.


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MaPrimeRénov', for energy renovation works

MaPrimeRénov': principle

MaPrimeRénov' is a system managed by France Rénov', which aims to encourage the implementation of energy renovation works in homes.

It replaces several existing measures, such as the Energy Transition Tax Credit (CITE) and the former Anah assistance for apartment owners and landlords.

The works in question

With MaPrimeRénov', work must improve housing energetically. This refers to:

  • isolation;
  • equipment for heating and/or domestic hot water;
  • heat pumps;
  • energy audit;
  • etc.

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Please note that from January 1, 2024, the renovation must necessarily include the installation of a heating system and/or the preparation of carbon-free hot water.

Amount of aid

The amount of the subsidy varies depending on the household's capabilities and the planned type of work in the house.

The assistance could reach up to 70,000 euros for the lowest incomes.

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Who can benefit from Anah Help?

Owner's income conditions

To apply for help from Anah as an owner-occupier, you must stay within the above income limits.

The agency distinguishes between three categories of households that meet the conditions for this system:

  • Households with intermediate resources.
  • Households with modest means.
  • Households with very modest means.

A condition related to the amount of work

For all requests for assistance from Anah, the amount of work must be at least 1,500 euros without tax.

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If a set of works can ensure energy savings of at least 25%, it is possible to receive a bonus representing 10% of the amount of the works without tax within the limits:

  • 2,000 euros for households with very modest means;
  • from 1,600 euros for households with more modest means.

Anah assistance is limited to a certain amount depending on the nature of the work being performed.

A condition related to the type of accommodation

To be able to use Anah assistance, the accommodation must be at least 15 years old and must be the primary residence.

Eligible households can only receive assistance from Anah if they agree to live in an operating accommodation for six years.

Finally, the works must begin within one year of Anaha's decision to award the subsidy.


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What are the upper limits of tax revenues introduced by Anah in 2024?

Anah aid is subject to upper resource limits divided into three categories: very modest, modest, medium.

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Very modest income

Modest income

Average income

How to use Anah's help?

Anah file of requests for housing assistance

Payment of aid from Anah is not automatic.

To obtain it, it is necessary to submit a request on one of the Cerfa forms available at the headquarters or on the agency's website depending on the different cases (difficult works, improvement, etc.).

Calculation of the amount of support

After checking the admissibility of the files and studying the attached documentation, the agency calculates the subsidy amount in proportion to the offers submitted by the companies (compulsorily insured and registered in the commercial register).

Final decision Anah

The final decision is made after a period of four months.

In the case of an unfavorable decision, it can be challenged by letter within two months.


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What happens at the end of the act?

After the works have been completed, the user must send a request for payment with invoices within three years (after the publication of the decision on granting the subsidy).

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The request for assistance from Anah does not exclude the administrative authorizations necessary for the execution of works: construction permits, opinions of hygiene services, etc.


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Should we reimburse Anah help?

Technically speaking, Anah assistance does not have to be reimbursed.

However, if the conditions for obtaining a grant are not met, it may be necessary.

This is especially the case if the owner sells his home before the deadline set by Anah. If applicable, they will have to reimburse the amount in proportion to the remaining time.

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