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Android: Microsoft launches the Copilot application, the ChatGPT-style AI

Microsoft just launched Copilot, its AI, as a free Android application that lets you chat and create using artificial intelligence. Copilot uses the latest AI models from OpenAI, such as GPT-4 and DALL·E 3.

Microsoft just launched a new application on Android called Copilot that, like ChatGPT, lets you do just thatDialogue and creation using artificial intelligence. The application is free and does not require a Microsoft connection.

Copilot is the new name for Microsoft’s chat assistant, which was previously integrated into Bing Chat. Microsoft decided to give it a dedicated application, to provide a simpler and smoother experience. The application has been available in the Play Store since last week and should appear on iOS soon.

Microsoft launches Copilot, an AI-powered chat and creation app on Android

Copilot profiles itself as a groundbreaking chat assistant, using the latest AI models developed by OpenAI, such as GPT-4 and DALL·E 3. These models are able to do that generate fast, complex and accurate answers, based on questions or requests formulated in natural language. They can also create breathtaking images from simple textual descriptions.

Copilot is free. For example, you can ask him to write a poem for you, tell a story, compose a song, draw a logo, code a program or provide information on various topics.

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Copilot on Android

To use Copilot, simply download the application on your Android smartphone and give it approximate location permission (which doesn’t seem essential). You don’t need to sign in with a Microsoft account unless you want to have more questions and longer conversations. It is also possible to activate GPT-4, which promises to be more creative than GPT-3.

Copilot differs from Bing in its lack of web search or rewards. However, the application displays advertisements from time to time, which can be annoying for some.

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