Arc Search: the application that reinvents web surfing thanks to AI

Arc Search: the application that reinvents web surfing thanks to AI

The Browser Company, known for its Arc browser, has decided to reinvent mobile Internet browsing with a new application: Arc Search. Currently only available on iOS and thanks to artificial intelligence you can obtain an ultra-complete search result.

Simply put, Arc Search offers a minimalist interface based on a simple search bar and an area where all tabs are grouped. Once a request is made, it is possible to choose between Google’s response and that of the AI ​​via the Browse for me button. By clicking, the application analyzes different websites to provide a complete answer, including several key points in the form of a web page.

For example, Josh Miller, CEO of The Browser Company, uses a gif to show Arc Search’s response to the question of how to make cranberry pie. After analyzing six web pages, the browser displays a single page with the following information: an image; a title ; Ingredients; the preparation phases; the best web results; a video source; and the amount of ingredients needed to make the recipe.

Arc Search therefore aims to facilitate users’ searches by building websites that respond clearly and simply to their various queries. In addition, the browser offers an ad and banner blocker for clear Internet surfing, as well as a reading mode.

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