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Christophe Béchu, Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, highlights the great development. He talks about “fundamental dynamics in favor of housing renovation”. This is reflected in “Financing Anah Accommodation”. For the third year in a row, Anah played a key role. Thus, more than 623,790 private housing units benefited from this financing. In figures, this represents EUR 3.12 billion in aid. This aid, in turn, stimulated work worth EUR 8.46 billion. Energy renovation is at the center of this dynamic. In particular, the MaPrimeRénov' program, which has contributed to the renovation of more than 2 million homes. This initiative shows a constant commitment to home improvement.


The impact and evolution of MaPrimeRénov in 2023

Financing Anah Housing and energy renovation

In 2023, thanks to MaPrimeRénov, an important milestone was reached. This program enabled energy renovation of 569,000 homes. This represents a major step forward in reducing the carbon footprint. As of 2020, the emission of 5.3 tons of CO2 has been avoided by these renovations. As for this figure, it is impressive and shows the positive effect of these initiatives.

Financing Anah Housing and energy renovationFinancing Anah Housing and energy renovation

The course of major renovations

The number of major renovations follows a growing trend. In 2023, an increase of 12.5% ​​was recorded, with 71,613 renovations. The average observed energy gain is 54.3%. Please note that this trend is particularly pronounced in co-ownership. Every year for the last three years, the results are getting better.

As proof, 30,167 homes benefited from MaPrimeRénov' Copropriété, an increase of 16%.

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Beyond Energy: Fighting Substandard Housing

Anah Logement Financing plays a key role beyond energy renovation itself. In fact, Anah's assistance also helps in the restoration of degraded co-ownerships. They are an effective tool in the fight against substandard housing.

Since 2018 and the launch of the Co-Ownership Initiative Plan, the effect has been noticeable. In this way, more than one billion euros were committed. This investment financed the renovation of 144,000 homes. In particular, almost half of these housing units are co-owned with difficulties.

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Encouraging the renovation of homes in 2024

Trust and affordability with Anah Logement Financing

In 2024, the goal is clear: to encourage the trust of as many people as possible to act. From this perspective, households will find solid support. Anah Housing Financing plays a crucial role. It relies on France Rénov', a public home renovation service. In addition, this service, co-financed with the communities, is being significantly strengthened.

Expansion of France Rénov' in the territory

Significant development is underway. We have seen a 5% increase in France Rénov's consulting spaces. Now there are 577 of them, distributed throughout the country. In addition, these premises are equipped with 2,519 advisers. Their mission? Providing expert advice to households. In this, they play a key role in facilitating reconstruction projects.

Cooperation with communities and Maisons France Services

The commitment does not stop there. A total of 1,092 housing improvement programs were contracted with local authorities. This represents an increase of 14%. Furthermore, a partnership was established with 2700 Maisons France Services. Goal? Improve household orientation. And above all, offer them technical assistance in their efforts. This extended network guarantees easy access to information and support.

Anah Logement Financing in 2024 therefore marks a decisive step. It provides concrete and extensive support to households that want to renovate their homes. In this way, this initiative highlights the importance of a collaborative and affordable approach to home renovation in France.

Strengthen support for reconstruction for 2024

Development of Mon Accompagneteur Rénov' and support for households

The year 2024 is shaping up to be a period of significant strengthening for reconstruction. More than 300 facilities have already been approved under the “Mon Compagnateur Rénov” program. In fact, these structures represent more than 2,300 conductors on earth. Their role? Help households perform tasks tailored to their home. Therefore, they are also guided to optimize their financing plan and avoid fraud. The rate of approval requests is constantly increasing. The goal is to reach 4,000 guides for renewal by the end of the year.

Furthermore, more substantial aid is granted. They will allow households to carry out large-scale renovations. And that will contribute to the ecological transition of the country. In addition, it will ensure that more citizens live in dignified and sustainable housing.

“In 2024, let's continue our efforts to mobilize the whole society to speed up the renovation of private housing and encourage large-scale renovations. The government is allocating an unprecedented budget of more than 5 billion euros to massively strengthen MaPrimeRénov'.” – Christophe BECHU, Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion.

The evolution of the Anah Logement financing program

  1. MaPrimeRénov' adapts to more ambitious projects. This program is being developed to better finance ambitious renovations. It also continues to subsidize the installation of ecological heating systems. The goal for 2024 is to carry out 200,000 large-scale renovations and decarbonize 500,000 homes.
  2. MaPrimeAdapt' and response to the demographic transition. MaPrimeAdapt' aims to accelerate housing adaptation to loss of autonomy. This effectively responds to the demographic transition. The goal for 2024 is to adapt 45,000 homes.
  3. My bonus Decent housing for non-standard housing. This program aims at more efficient financing of the heavy works required for the reconstruction of very degraded residential buildings. The goal for 2024 is to restore 2,000 homes.

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