Automotive: the green sticker disappears... how do you know if you are registered in the file that will replace it?

Automotive: the green sticker disappears… how do you know if you are registered in the file that will replace it?

Small revolution coming for motorists from April 1, 2024: the green sticker will disappear from the windshields. Instead, an online file that can be viewed by anyone. We explain how you can check whether your insurance contract is properly registered. This way you avoid inconvenience during a roadside inspection.

The end of an era for millions of road users. From 1uh From April 2024, motorists and two-wheeler users will no longer have to stick the insurance sticker – green in color – on their vehicle. According to the Ministry of the Interior, this should represent an “important step forward in simplifying the administrative life of road users and in the fight against forgery of documents.”

In everyday use, it is no longer necessary to present insurance papers to a law enforcement officer at a roadside check. Because from now on, insurers must enter a file of insured vehicles – called FVA – that the police and gendarmerie can consult, simply with the license plate of the vehicle in question. And to know whether the driver is indeed insured.

A file that can be viewed online

Since Tuesday, March 12, every insurance contract holder has the opportunity to check the situation of his vehicle by consulting the FVA, indicating his license plate number and the form number of the registration certificate. If your vehicle is not included in the register, the contract holder must contact his insurance company.

As a reminder, insuring your vehicle is mandatory to travel. “The penalty for the lack of insurance is a fixed fine of € 750. to which additional penalties may be added, such as suspension or revocation of the driver’s license with a ban on its repossession, and immediate immobilization of the vehicle,” the Ministry of the Interior said.

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