48+ Top Educational Apps for Kids – Best Learning Apps

A list of 48+ hand-picked & best educational apps for kids. These apps are suitable for kids of all ages & help your kids learn effectively.

The technology has progressed rapidly that smartphones are accessible to every person now. Kids also have started using smartphones which is not appropriate for them. So, why don’t your kids utilize them for their betterment? You can install various applications in your smartphone which can be beneficial for your kids. There are various educational apps for kids are available in the app store. That’s why we have picked a list of 48+ best educational apps for your kids.

Infographics - Educational Apps for Kids

Best Educational Apps for Kids that will grow their minds drastically

Below is the list of hand-picked and best educational apps for kids.


Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Age (3+ years)

Duolingo is the best app for your kids if you want them to learn different languages.

This is a free app and your kids can learn several languages through this app.

Kids can learn several languages including:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Many More (You can see all of them on play store)

Youtube Kids

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Age (8 & Under)

Youtube Kids is an official app by Google. It is kid’s version of youtube.

You (parents) can take complete control of what your kid watches. You can block a channel or even a video.

Youtube Kids automatically shows the appropriate content for the kids. So, they can learn and explore new things.

There are several levels in Youtube Kids such as younger level etc. By these, you can change the level as your kid grows.

Khan Academy Kids

Age (5 & Under)

Khan Academy Kids is an award-winning app.

This app contains ebooks, rhymes, videos, lessons for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

This is a completely free app without any ads and subscriptions.

There are several characters which leads the children through the learning path.

Kids can learn the reading, language, writing, math, problem-solving skills, and drawing, storytelling and much more.

Kindergarten Kids Learning

Age (2-6 years)

This is a comprehensive app for kids to learn rhymes, reading, writing, counting and much more stuff.

Kids can also learn fruit names, vegetable names, body part names and more.

This app is best for Kindergarten children and it can be very useful for them.


(Age 2-6 years)

Worksheets is a must have app for kids.

This app has more than 1000 creative and fun worksheets for kids.

Kids can practice word tracing on the screen of your device by finger or stylus.

Moreover, there are awesome coloring worksheets in this app which will increase the creativity level of your kids.

Your kids can also print a worksheet, complete it and then scan by this app and the app will show the score.

The app is perfect for Kindergarten & preschool kids.

I am not a kid but I personally tried this app and I was just like wao!


Price: Free

Age (6-12 years)

ReadingIQ app is a digital library of the vast amount of ebooks of different levels.

This app contains specially designed ebooks for kids ranging from 2 to 12 years.

The app consists of ebooks of several categories such as academic ebooks, novels, fairy tails & much more.

Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game
Prodigy Math Game
Developer: SMARTeacher Inc.
Price: Free

Age (6-12 years)

Most of the kids hate maths. But this app has made maths, creative and fun for children.

The app contains 900 levels of creative math problems for kids of grades 1 to 8.

The app is completely free and will stay forever!

iWawa Draw

iWawa Draw
iWawa Draw
Developer: iWawa
Price: Free

Age (8 & Under)

Children love to draw and this app is designed perfectly for them.

Children can draw and color graffitis which enhance their creativity and confidence level.

The interface is colorful and easy to use for kids.

Also, there are different types of brushes for children to draw with them.

Little Panda Travel Safety

Age (6-8 years)

The Panda in this game is really cute which teaches children how to behave in the traffic.

Moreover, kids have to save Panda from the traffic which will increase their love for animals.

The game has child-friendly gameplay. So, you don’t have to worry about abusing content.

Zoo For Preschool Kids

Age (3-9 years)

This game is a farm of animals where kids will learn to behave well with animals.

In this game, the kids are being taught that the animals are also a part of our community.

The game is for preschool children and kids in development ages.

The game is very user-friendly and interesting for kids.

Fruits Puzzles for Kids

Age (5 & Under)

Fruit Puzzle for Kids is a unique game for kids that can develop the motor skills of children.

This game consists of 90 puzzles of different fruits such as mango, strawberry, orange, tomato and much more.

Kids will learn fruit names and also will be able to identify them.

Children will also enjoy different visuals such as cute animals & popping balloons while playing this puzzles game.

Preschool learning games for kids

Age (8 & Under)

With this game, children of kindergarten & preschool kids can learn shapes, colors, and countings having fun without any effort.

There are over 3 million downloads of this app which means kids are enjoying this app.

Kids can learn vowels, alphabets, also they can learn different languages such as Spanish.


Developer: Kahoot!
Price: Free+

Age (3+ years)

Kahoot is an ultimate app for kids, students, teachers & trainers.

You can find millions of quizzes on various topics.

Also, you can create own quizzes and can challenge your friends.

Teachers can assign Kahoot as homework too.

Baby Smart Games

Baby Smart Games
Baby Smart Games
Developer: AppQuiz
Price: Free+

Age (8 & Under)

Baby Smart Games is a complete game pack for kids which will develop intelligence & creativity in them.

The pack consists of 18 different games.

By using this app, kids can distinguish between some colors.

They will also learn to write upper-case & lower-case letters. Also, they will be able to count from 1-20.

Kids can play puzzles of various objects that they see in their daily life.

There are much more features in this game that your kids must try.


Age (8 & Under)

KidloLand is an appropriate app for toddlers & kids under 5 years.

This app has a lot of baby songs, rhymes, stories for kids & games for your kids.

It also consists of old poems such as Twinkle-Twinkle Little Stars & some other.

It contains roughly 40 poems which work offline without any WiFi or data.

Also, there are no ads. So, the learning process of kids will not be disturbed.

Colors & Shapes

Age (8 & Under)

Colors & Shapes is featured for toddlers, kindergarteners, preschoolers, and children of all ages.

This fun app develops skills like color recognition and objects identification in kids.

The App will teach your children to identify different shapes and colors. 

Moreover, painting is also included in this app.

The app is purely free & there are no ads or any subscription plan.


Age (3+ years)

This game carries 15 different mini educational and fun games for kids.

Kids can play games like puzzles, angles, parts & wholes, find & tap, hide & seek, shapes, sizes, logic, sorting, matching, units & parts and much more.

Kids Educational Game 5

Kids Educational Game 5
Kids Educational Game 5
Developer: pescAPPs
Price: Free

Age (8 & Under)

Kids Educational Game 5 is designed for preschoolers and kids under 8 years.

By using this app children can learn the following:

  • Alphabets and drawing the alphabet
  • Identify shapes
  • Order by size
  • Logic patterns solving
  • Paint & colors
  • Distinguish colors
  • Much More

The app is perfect for preschoolers.


Price: Free

Age (5 & Under)

ABCmouse is an awesome app for children to learn various educational activities.

There are more than ten thousand (10000) creative lessons in this app for kids.

Kids can learn a lot of lessons including counting, rhymes, colors, animal names and much more.

This app also has a lot of awards such as Mom’s Choice Gold Awards and more.

Babyphone for Toddlers

Age (8 & under)

Babyphone app is a unique method for kids to learn various activities.

This app is perfect for kindergartens & children in development ages.

The app includes various lessons such as counting, animals name, alphabets & much more.

The app will speak all the lessons by itself which makes it fun for kids.

Preschool Science

Preschool Science 3-6
Preschool Science 3-6
Developer: TinyTapps
Price: Free+

Age (5 & Under)

Studying science is also very important for kids.

That’s why we have added some apps that will help kids learn the basics of science.

Preschool Science covers a lot of topics such as animals, traffic signals, body parts, community, birds, fruits, sense organs, insects etc.

Your kids should start learning science through this app.

Kids A-Z

Kids A-Z
Kids A-Z
Developer: Learning A-Z
Price: Free

Age (3+ years)

Kids A-Z is a very useful app for both teachers and kids.

Children can take part in quizzes.

Moreover, there are lessons included in this app which increases the reading skills of kids.

The app contains a lot of educational resources for kids such as books & assignments etc.

The report of the kids can also be sent to the teachers daily.


Age (6-12 years)

GoNoodle is its own kind of app where children can enhance their concentration and creativity levels.

The app contains dance-along videos, yoga videos, and similar.

By using this app, kids can take part in physical activities too instead of just reading books or playing games on smartphones.

Astronomy for Kids – Space Game

Age (8 & under)

This app will be really helpful for teaching astronomy to your kids.

Kids can go through the journey of space where they will learn several educational lessons about space.

Kids will be able to learn about the solar system, planet names, interesting facts about the solar system and much more.

They will also watch short educational videos about space.

Starfall ABCs

Age (8 & Under)

Starfall ABCs is a very simple app for teaching alphabets to your kids.

This app is by a non-profit organization Starfall.com.

The app is focused on teaching kids the alphabets and their sounds.

This app is suitable for kids of almost all ages.


Age (9-12 years)

As per the name, the Epic! is very informative and is filled up with a massive amount of books and stories on various topics.

The app contains almost all types of books such as educational, fairy tales etc.

This app is suitable for children ranging from 9 to 12 years only.

The app can be used offline & online too.

There is a read-to-me feature by which kids can listen to stories or books without reading.

This app also has a subscription feature which is required if you want to unlock the full library of this app.

Fairy Tales

Age (8 & Under)

Kids love tales and stories and that’s why we included this app in our list.

Fairy Tales is a reading app for kids that includes several stories and games.

The app comes with a lot of stories including bedtime stories too.

Some famous stories included in this app are the following:

  • Cinderella
  • The Snow Queen
  • The Beauty and the Beast
  • Much more

App also has a Read to Me feature.

Masha and the Bear

Age (6 & Under)

Masha & the Bear is an educational app that consists of 30 different games for kids.

This app consists of 6 types of fun and creative games for kids:

  • Paint and color
  • Word Search
  • Play instruments
  • Counting
  • Puzzles
  • Memorizing objects

Kids Education

Age (3-6 years)

Kid Education app consists of various educational activities and lessons for preschoolers.

The app can be said an Ultimate app for kids to learn different lessons such as counting, ABC, sounds of letters, vowels, solar system, colors and much more.

Baby puzzles

Baby puzzles
Baby puzzles
Developer: AppQuiz
Price: Free+

Age (5 & Under)

This app is developed for babies and toddlers to increase their coordination of brain.

Kids will solve puzzles and lean animals name, emotions, animal sound, colors, fruits, transportation and more.

The app is very easy to use & handle for kids.

Special voice effects are added to prevent kids from being boring.

Educational Games Memory

Educational Games. Memory
Educational Games. Memory
Developer: AppQuiz
Price: Free+

Age (3-10 years)

Educational Games Memory is specially developed to develop a memory in kids.

App increases the concentration and focus of kids by various games and lessons present in it.

The app comes with 12 games with 3 difficulty levels.

Kids can play games like finding an object hidden in a room etc.

The conclusion is that this app can enhance the kid’s memory and recognition skills.

Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds
Animal Sounds
Developer: Papumba
Price: Free+

Age (5 & Under)

This app will teach animal sounds to your kids.

Kids can learn more than 80 animal’s sounds.

The App is available in 15 languages.

Kids can change language and learn animal sounds in different languages.

This App is appropriate for children up to 5 years old.

Animal Sounds Listen & Find

Animal Sounds Listen & Find
Animal Sounds Listen & Find
Developer: Beyazay
Price: Free+

Age (2-6 years)

This app contains names and sounds of 50 animals.

The pro part of this app is that it will also take a test of your kids in the following way:

  • Recognition of sounds
  • Learning names
  • Finding the animal by name
  • Finding the animal by sound

Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds
Animal Sounds
Developer: Game Brain
Price: Free

Age (6-12)

The app works the same as the above app.

But we have added this app in the list because this app is very simple to use for kids.

Moreover, it contains real-life pictures of animals.

Word Sauce

Age (4+ years)

Word Sauce is a puzzle game for kids which can increase the vocabulary of kids as they explore new words in this app.

The app has thousands of levels and your kids can also play multiplayer with their friends.

Word Sauce is suitable for children of more than 4 years.

Baby Panda’s Fruit Farm

Age (5 & Under)

The aim of this app is to prevent kids from eating junk foods.

This app will make your kids to eat healthy fruits instead of junk food such as candies and that stuff.

Kids can see the entire process of seed to grow into fruit.


Age (2-6 years)

DoBrain is an awesome app for kids to learn several lessons.

The app is designed for babies, kindergarten kids, preschool kids, toddlers.

This app covers 8 cores of kid’s brain including attention, math, and creativity etc.

Children can learn from drawings, puzzles, games, songs and more.

Drawing for Kids

Age (8 & Under)

This is a drawing app for children of almost all ages.

Kids can draw cute animals by tracing and then color them.

Children can draw several animals such as frog, butterfly etc.

After completing the drawing, the drawing converts into funny animations.

The app comes with different animations and sounds.

This app improves children’s skills like memory, creativity, and thinking etc.

Masha and The Bear Jam Day

Age (6-12 years)

This game is based on famous Russian based cartoon Masha and the Bear.

Kids have to help Masha collect fruits, cookies and more.

After all, it’s not learning app overall. But, can be useful.

Dot to Dot

Age (3+ years)

Dot to Dot app is a very relaxing & educational app for kids as well as adults.

You can draw beautiful drawings by connecting dots to numbers.

Also, you can draw 3d drawings with this app.

Word Beach

Age (3+ years)

Word Beach is a game not purely for kids but kids ranging from 5 years old & onwards can try this game.

Kids have to match letters to find hidden words.

This will surely help kids by improving their vocabulary.

Listen, Learn and Speak – Body Parts

Age (3+ years)

This app will help kids learning the body parts of the human.

The interface of this app is very neat & easy to use for kids.

Kids can listen to body parts and remember them.

The dynamic features of this help children to learn the name of body parts easily.

Math Kids

Age (8 & under)

Math Kids is a free app designed to teach young children numbers and mathematics.

This app is appropriate for all kids under 8 years.

Kids can learn maths by various games such as puzzles, quizzes etc.

By using this game, your children math skills will boost for sure.

The best part is that it is ad-free.

Math Genius

Age (9-12)

Math Genius help kids learn to add & subtract by various games and lessons.

The interactive interface of the app helps kids learn more fastly.

The app comes with several animations and effects which attracts the kid’s interest in this app.

The kids are awarded by coins when they give correct answers. This motivates the kids to use this app.

Kids Learning Game

Age (6-12)

This app is based on maths. The app will teach maths to your kids.

Now, kids don’t need to hold a paper & pen to practice maths.

They can learn maths from their smartphone with apps like these.

The attractive designs such as backgrounds, music, and animations, enhances the experience of kids.

This app is best for kindergartens and preschoolers.

Kids Complete Learning

Kids Complete Learning
Kids Complete Learning
Developer: VadeWorks
Price: Free

Age (8 & Under)

This app helps kindergartens and preschoolers to learn Alphabet, Parts of the body, Animals & Sounds and much more.

The kids enjoy learning through this app due to the dynamic and catchy user interface.

The interactive graphic designs attract kids to learn through this app.

Kids Flashcard game

Kids  flashcard game
Kids  flashcard game
Developer: Genius Games
Price: Free

Age (6-12)

Kids Flashcard is a very simple app for children to engage in various educational lessons.

Kids can learn Alphabets, Number, Shapes, Color, Animals, and Fruits by simple flash cards.

There is nothing complex in this app.

Kids have to click on the next button to see next flashcard.

Piano Kids – Music & Songs

Age (8 & Under)

Piano Kids is a very beneficial app for kids on play store.

The app helps kids to develop music skills in them.

The app helps children to learn about various musical instruments and sounds.

Kids can play different instruments and can have fun while learning.

The app also Improves sociability of kids.

Puzzle Kids

Age (8 & Under)

Puzzle Kids is a completely free and educational app for kids.

Kids can learn various shapes and patterns.

The app will increase logic, creativity, and imagination of the kids.

Kids will be able to recognize different animals and insects.

The clean and simple design of the app is also a key feature.

Pinkfong Coloring Fun

Pinkfong Coloring Fun
Pinkfong Coloring Fun

Age (8 & Under)

By using Pinkfong, the kids will have an awesome coloring experience.

The application consists of more than 220 sheets which can be colored.

The app has special effects such as brushes, glitters, and patterns which are very enjoyable for kids.

There is a specific color theme for every sheet.

Kids can also add stickers to their drawings to decorate them.


The list of best educational apps for kids contains apps which are useful for kids in various manners. The list is based on apps which improves children’s skills like confidence, drawing, creativity, recognition, identifying, maths and much more.

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