Bitdefender launches Scamio to help people spot scams

Bitdefender launches Scamio to help people spot scams

In an increasingly connected world, digital scams are rife. Thanks to recent technological advances, especially regarding the improvement of generative artificial intelligence, Bitdefender is launching an online tool to counter cyberscam attempts. This software solution, called Scamio, is designed to analyze certain received text messages, emails or instant messages. The application could identify potential scams with the help of AI to protect the internet user.

Identify scams using artificial intelligence

Scamio takes the form of an online chatbot. It allows the user to send suspicious content to identify whether it is a possible scam or not. To this end, the user provides natural language information about the context in which a suspicious message was sent to him or her. An image or screenshot of the alleged scam must then be uploaded to Scamio. Please note that Scamio may also analyze questionable links or text messages.

We tried Scamio. After creating a free account, we send this message to Scamio: “I have received a questionable text message, can you analyze it?“Within a few tens of seconds, the tool tells us that the received SMS looks like a scam and explains why.

Scam can be accessed for free via the web browser, without downloading any third-party software. Bitdefender also plans simplified access to its solution: integration is available in Facebook Messenger and compatibility with WhatsApp should see the light of day soon.

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