CAF assistance for works in 2024

The basics in a few words

To support owners in their renovation work, the Family Allowance Fund (Caf) provides several grants. Whether it's a Home Improvement Loan (PAH), Home Improvement Appliance (DAH) or Home Improvement Loan (PALA), this assistance takes the form of loans or grants. Here are the elements you need to know to learn all about this aid to Caf's work:

  • it is intended for families who receive or do not receive CAF, depending on the conditions of the funds;
  • these Caf schemes enable families to receive support in the implementation of a work project;
  • this may include home improvement work, housing adaptation or even social access to property;
  • granted in the form of a loan for Caf Works, this aid has a limited amount;
  • this financial assistance is available to apartment owners as well as tenants;
  • For help with work, simply contact your Caf.

Credits for working in a cafeFamily Allowance Fund (CAF) schemes for work finance

What do you need to know about Café Works loans?

To help you get things done, the Family Allowance Fund (Caf) offers a variety of housing-related programs. This financial assistance is awarded as part of renovation works aimed at improving the energy and health efficiency of their homes, such as:

  • repair works;
  • sanitation;
  • thermal insulation;
  • home improvements.

How to apply for a loan to work in a cafe?

The request is sent to Caf service. Simply complete the application form for a Caf work loan and attach supporting documentation (estimation of works, building permit for works that require it, owner's authorization if you are a tenant, etc.).


It's good to know

Be sure to submit a complete request for help before starting work. It is necessary to get approval from Caf to start your project.

What are the different work benefits from the Family Supplement Fund (CAF)?

CAF offers a variety of work assistance schemes, including:

  • home improvement loan (PAH);
  • housing improvement program (DAH);
  • home improvement loan (PALA).

Home improvement loan (PAH)

CAF PAH is a subsidy that is granted to all households, regardless of whether they are beneficiaries or not. Paid in the form of a 1% loan, this system can cover up to 80% of the work. Limited to €1067.14, CAF PAH can help finance certain renovation works:

  • bringing housing up to standard (especially electricity);
  • roofing works that enable better insulation;
  • change or installation of sanitary equipment;
  • thermal insulation (such as replacing windows with double glazing for better energy efficiency);
  • repair of accommodation to ensure its habitability.


Who can access PAH?

This home improvement loan is available to tenants or home owners as well as new buyers. However, the following eligibility criteria must be met:

● the accommodation must have been built more than two years ago;

● must be occupied as the main residence;

● the business must meet the conditions for assistance from the National Agency for Housing (Anah).

Please note that recipients with dependent children who only receive welfare are not eligible for this CAF work loan scheme. These include Social Housing Allowance (ALS), Personalized Housing Allowance (APL), Disabled Adults Allowance (AAH) and RSA or Activity Bonus.


It's good to know

Beautification and maintenance work is not eligible for this work loan.

Home Improvement System (DAH)

The housing improvement system complements the PAH. This aid can therefore be combined with PAH and allows you to receive up to €3,000, half in the form of a work loan and the other in the form of a grant. To qualify, here are the criteria to be met:

  • you must have at least one dependent child under the age of 20;
  • your family quotient must be less than €700.

So, households that do not qualify for a home improvement loan can benefit from a DAH.


DAH subsidy: which modalities?

The aid is paid in two stages:

● the first part is paid after signing the loan agreement;

● the second is paid upon receipt of paid invoices, after the completion of the works.

For part of the DAH loan, it is repaid within 60 months.

Home Improvement Loan (PALA)

Finally, there is a loan for the improvement of the reception place (PALA) intended for nannies, regardless of whether they are beneficiaries or not. This interest-free loan aims to help finance operations aimed at improving childcare conditions. PALA users must therefore:

  • be an approved nanny;
  • or in the process of obtaining, renewing or extending approval;
  • work at home or in a nursing home (MAM).

This interest-free loan covers up to 80% of the total costs of the works in the amount of up to €10,000. It is repayable in a maximum of 120 monthly installments (10 years).

The work should therefore enable the improvement of acceptance, health and safety of children in care.

Please note that certain interventions are excluded from this CAF loan, such as:

  • purchase of childcare equipment;
  • the work of adorning or adorning;


It's good to know

In the case of renting, it is necessary to obtain the owner's approval for carrying out the works.

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