Calaman.  “Math bags”, when schools innovate

Calaman. “Math bags”, when schools innovate

On Monday, March 11, the teaching staff of the Calamane School received Mostafa Fourar, Rector of the Academy of Toulouse and the Prefect of Lot, Claire Raulin, and three national educational inspectors, Mrs. Douineau Gourdon sector, Mrs. Giraud Cahors 2 sector and Xavier Papillon, academic director of national education services. Mr Dujol, Mayor of Calamane, welcomed these personalities to this new sector school.

The school and its teachers are already equipped with new technologies such as digital boards and remain interested in new developments by designing mathematics lessons around “math bags”. It is to follow these innovative courses that Mostafa Fourar made the trip to the Lot. He was very pleased with this fun aspect of teaching.

“The coexistence of games, books and screens is necessary for mastering fundamental knowledge. We need to do important work on academic issues, mobilize for equal opportunities. This system of trunks, including books and games around mathematics, made available in classes and families, I think is an excellent way to achieve this! By working together, parents and teachers are contributing to this victory for equality for children!”

Both the principal and the teachers approve the principal’s comments by confirming that these games and books reinforce the automatisms that students acquire through traditional lessons!

Mostafa Fourar thanked the mothers of students who came to discuss with him and give their own opinions about this system. He congratulated them on their dynamism and their mobilization with the children! The rector also confirms “the need to generalize this system to the entire academy.” He directly congratulated Mr. Dujol on the creation of this wonderful school that “contributes to the development and education of children in a pleasant environment.”

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