Call for strike Thursday, February 1: what teachers are demanding

Call for strike Thursday, February 1: what teachers are demanding

Capital Video: Call for a strike Thursday, February 1: what teachers are demanding

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– Teachers strike on February 1.

“The new minister of national education denigrates public schools as soon as he takes office to promote hyper-selective private education. On February 1st on strike for the public education service!” the Sud Education union launched in mid-January. In reality, the teachers’ strike of Thursday, February 1, had already been announced at the beginning of the month. A movement “unitary” where the teachers are now demand the replacement of the Minister of National Education, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, details TF1. If the SNUipp demands the replacement of the minister – “National Education deserves better than a simple attachment to the Ministry of Sports” – the SNES-FSU union adds on its website: “The first words of the new Minister of National Education (…) were aimed directly at public schools and their staff.”

But these are not the only requirements. Because teachers are demanding too rises in salary and a stop job losses. The FSU-SNUipp required “resources, respect and educational freedom”. And salary demands include those of AESH (supporters of students with disabilities) who are asking for relief from their workload. The unions also point to the failure to replace teachers in public schools, as well as to the problems of social diversity between the private and public sectors.

THE “clash of knowledge” announced by Gabriel Attal is cancelled

A problem that the minister has been trying to answer since she took office: she has specifically promised that “Answer the question of not replace absences» as well as undertaking a “redesign of the initial training” for teachers and “revaluation of career environments”. More generally, certain unions want one salary increase of 300 euros net per month without compensation, but the teachers also did not appreciate Gabriel Attal’s announcement, when he was still a pastor, of a necessary “shock of knowledge”. a “fundamental attack” against the school and the teaching profession, which, according to them, entails restrictive measures “pedagogical freedom”.

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