Can the 'dwarf fight', banned in Toulouse, finally be organized in Blagnac?

Can the ‘dwarf fight’, banned in Toulouse, finally be organized in Blagnac?

The controversial ‘dwarf fight’ was first announced in Toulouse and subsequently canceled by organisers. Finally it could take place in Blagnac. While waiting for more information about this meeting, which is being debated, the town hall immediately issued an order.

On Wednesday, March 13, DD Event, an event organization agency, announced on the social network TikTok that it was organizing a very special confrontation. The video promotes a “dwarf fight” that will take place in a nightclub in the Pink City. The images have been viewed more than 400,000 times.

Faced with the uprising of several associations and the outcry of certain members of the government, the organizers finally decided to cancel the fight in the Toulouse nightclub. According to our information, they now want to move it to a suburb, in the city of Blagnac, in a sports hall.

A battle that is disapproved by the ministry

The mayor of the western city of Toulouse said he wants to “issue an order to ban these types of shows.” Joseph Carles, the elected representative of Blagnac, does not want the city to promote this type of event: “If it is a dwarf fight as he presents it in the videos, it will not be possible! We will have to check with the president of the boxing club However, if I am told that it is a real sporting event, between two little people, we will talk about it,” the mayor explains.

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The announcement of a ‘dwarf fight’ in a nightclub in Toulouse causes controversy and outrage among the government

A few days ago, the affair provoked a response from Fadila Khattabi, the minister responsible for the elderly and people with disabilities, who “strongly condemned” the event. The association of people with short stature is also considering filing a complaint.

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