Championship: USF in play-off against Saint-Orens

Championship: USF in play-off against Saint-Orens

Saint-Orens will be heading for the blood and gold in the hope of repeating the riverscore of the 2021-2022 season. That is not the opinion of the blood and gold.

The blood and gold will therefore meet on Sunday March 31 with the suburbs of Saint-Orens in the Haut-Garonne.

In the final rankings of the qualifying phase, Saint-Orens is heading to Fuxéens. The Haut-Garonnais actually finished this phase at the top of group 3. In other words, the opposition will not be a simple foil.

Let’s look ahead to the 2022-2023 season. The two teams then traveled in the same car. During the first leg in Haute-Garonne, the Ariégeois won a bitter 41-14, somewhat difficult to swallow. In the return match they took revenge with a more modest 12-6.

We can question the usefulness of these play-offs 1. It is a kind of “false round of 16”, which will allow the 14 winners of this preliminary round to advance in the French championship, because play-offs 2 will still be played on the lawn of the highest ranked club, it will be Sunday April 7.

Meeting in sight with Ardèche or Cantal?

If we have understood the mechanism correctly, a victory in this Mother 1 would see the USF face the winner of the meeting between RC Bassoles-Lupiac, from the Ardèche, and Châtaigneraie/Célé, located in Cantal. Only then do the quarter-finals start, which are played on a neutral field. The path is long and littered with pitfalls.

But let’s get closer to the event and stay until Sunday. USF, thanks to a second qualifying phase of a very good level, ranks 27th among all Occitanie clubs in Region 2. For fans of numbers, Foix has achieved 37 field points, 2 virtue points for the excellent player clothing, 5 mosaic points (maximum allocation, to give clubs to reward those who are committed to the development of rugby) and 3 points for the training of young referees.

Practical: the match will be played at the Gustave Plantade stadium, 1 block from the stadium in Saint-Orens-de-Gameville. Kick-off at 3 p.m. Field referee: Arnaud Gonzalès, linesmen 1 Michel Payet and 2 Laure Gonzalès. Federal representative: Christophe Pujol.

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