Charente Limousine Community of Municipalities: Helping low-income owners to improve their housing

A dozen files have already been taken into account. Projects across the country, from Chirac to Vitraco, to adapt housing to keep older people at home, including energy improvement work. Example in Montrollet. An elderly married couple with a very modest income needed to bring their bathroom up to standard. Budget of 8000 euros. Between the Anah aid (60%), CDC aid, the Department and their pension fund, the rest was limited to 430 euros.

In some municipalities, the vacancy rate rises up to 20%.

“In this particular case, we supported the couple through all the steps. The idea was to simplify access to all that help,” emphasizes Benoît Savy, president of the CDC, who explains why the intercommunity wanted to equip itself with its own system: “We have to respond to the problem of the vacancy of the very strong in the territory. Our CDC is the most affected in the department with a vacancy rate of 14%, while it is 8% in France and 11% in Charente. In certain municipalities in Charente Limousin the vacancy rate rises to 20%. »

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More than 200,000 euros per year

With a high vacancy rate, the observation in the area is quite simple: the apartment is old, sometimes degraded or unworthy, especially in the city centers, the share of rental apartments is low, fuel poverty is high, the population is aging … The system is intended for the most modest owners, and the amount of support depends on the project and the applicant's income.

“We also want to help empty apartments return to the rental market, those that are very degraded and require significant work”, adds Jean-Luc Dedieu, vice-president of the CDC, who specifies that the municipalities in Charente Limousin “add financial lines, for the renovation of facades for example. » Confolens and Chabanais are gradually implementing a rental permit to hunt down substandard housing, and Chasseneuil is considering it.

The CDC will allocate a significant amount to the system, from 200,000 to 250,000 euros per year for five years.

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The France Rénov' service is provided by the Council for Architecture, Urbanism and the Environment (CAUE) of Charente in partnership with the community of communes and the council of the department. He is available by phone for specific questions or by appointment, on hotlines that exist within the territory.
Such. 05 45 92 95 93 or [email protected]/

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