ChatGPT is equipped with persistent memory to enrich responses

ChatGPT is equipped with persistent memory to enrich responses


ChatGPT is OpenAI’s chatbot, based on GPT’s artificial intelligence model, with which you can answer all kinds of questions or requests. Available in a free online version.

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Request after request, ChatGPT is cleaning up the past. It is therefore necessary to share multiple data and preferences with them each time to get an optimal response. Good news: OpenAI is starting to equip its AI with memory, making it possible to limit reminders and personalize subsequent conversations.

Deployed”this week among a small subset of free ChatGPT and Plus users”, the permanent memory feature remembers things in two different ways: by automatically analyzing data from your conversations or at the user’s request.

Generative AI can therefore remember that you have children and their first names after one conversation, and can then reuse that information to respond in the next conversation. She will also remember that you asked her to summarize texts or structure answers in a specific way, and will now do so without you having to ask her first.

You explained that you prefer minutes to have headings, bullet points, and summarized actions at the bottom of the page. ChatGPT remembers this and summarizes meetings this way. (…) You mention that you have a young child and that he loves jellyfish. When you ask ChatGPT to help you make his birthday card, he depicts a jellyfish wearing a party hat.


In cases where information stored in ChatGPT’s memory is no longer relevant for future conversations, it is possible to delete it in the settings.

For privacy reasons, OpenAI emphasizes that ChatGPT’s persistent memory cannot store sensitive data, such as health information.unless you specifically ask him to do so”.

Please note that the persistent memory option can be disabled in the settings and temporary calls can be initiated that do not take into account the information stored by this new feature.

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