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ChatGPT: Teachers use AI to cheat, the beginning of the end?

ChatGPT has penetrated deeply into the education world. While students use it to do their homework, generative AI is also used by teachers. In particular, it allows them to correct copies more quickly.

The advent of generative AI has revolutionized the education sector. Many students now use ChatGPT and others to do their homework. But teachers are not left out. Some do not hesitate to use the OpenAI chatbot to prepare their lessons and find new teaching methods. Others even use it to correct student papers.

Axios reports thisa new tool called Writable is being used by American teachers. Based on ChatGPT, they can save valuable time. Here’s how it works. The teacher starts as usual by giving a homework assignment. Students should then send their copy to him by email.

When ChatGPT helps teachers correct papers

The teacher then submits the work to the ChatGPT conversation agent via Writable. The chatbot generates comments and observations. The teacher is supposed to edit and refine them before returning the copies to the students. However, this new correction technique is not unanimous. And it may not be without reason that we fear that teachers will rely too much on the chatbot and that they will no longer be able to properly assess students and give personal advice.

Another limitation is the uncertain reliability of generative AI, which can be subject to hallucinations. If the teacher is not careful enough, some students may see their grades rise or fall for no good reason. So we have to find the right balance: the AI’s correction should not completely replace that of the teacher.

The introduction of artificial intelligence in the education sector has intensified in recent months. In the UK, teachers use Real Fast Reports software that can generate reports “a personal and unique assessment” for every student. Teachers provide the information in the wrong order and the AI ​​takes care of writing well-structured comments that are included in the school reports.

  • ChatGPT is used by students but also by teachers.
  • Some use it mainly to correct copies more quickly.
  • Enough to free up valuable time for them.

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