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ChatGPT: Thanks to AI, he gets 100 free meals at McDonald’s

A ChatGPT user managed to collect 100 free menus from McDonald’s. His technique? He used AI to write complaint messages after collecting receipts left on tables. The fast food chain finally discovered the subterfuge.

ChatGPT is a versatile conversation robot. Some use it to develop their business ideas, like these two users who earned €200,000 thanks to the chatbot. Others are malicious by exploiting flaws in the system. This is especially the case for Gage, who co-hosts the podcast “All Things The Podcast.” He explains that he managed to get 100 free menus from McDonald’s thanks to an immoral technique.

The young man starts collecting the receipts he finds on the tables of the fast food chain. Receipts with a unique code, which Gage can use to file a complaint with the fast food chain. Just like this student who managed to avoid a fine thanks to ChatGPT, Gage then uses the well-known conversation agent to generate the correct text.

He uses ChatGPT to be offered 100 McDonald’s menus

Here’s his prompt: “Tell me about a time I had a disastrous experience at McDonald’s where I ordered a Big Mac and kept it to no more than 1200 characters”. Once the text is written, simply integrate it into an email and send everything to the fast food brand. Then all we have to do is wait: “After about ten hours, a representative will send you an email containing one, two, three or four completely free meal voucherss,” he assures.

As a result, Gage managed to obtain 100 menus for free in nine months using the AI ​​ChatGPT. The store where he engaged in this practice eventually discovered the subterfuge. When the young man assures that he has not harmed anyone (while refraining from naming the employees), the comments reminded him that the majority of McDonald’s was a franchise.

An influx of bad reviews threatens to have damaging consequences: “McDonald’s uses customer reviews to determine whether its franchises are worth keeping open. If the reviews are too low, a restaurant risks closure“, laments an Internet user under the video.

  • A young ChatGPT user managed to get 100 meals from McDonald’s.
  • To do this, he collected numerous receipts from the tables.
  • He then asked the generative AI to write complaint messages for him.

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