ChatGPT double authentification

ChatGPT: You can finally better protect your account with multi-factor authentication

OpenAI just announced that two-factor authentication is now available on ChatGPT. Users can log in to their account more securely. Here’s how to do this.

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ChatGPT regularly welcomes new features. It is necessary to remain the most advanced chatbot despite the fierce competition. Since late last year, ChatGPT has integrated multimodal search and a new text-to-speech model that allows it to speak and analyze images.

All these features are logically a delight for users who have an OpenAI account, but some were just waiting for the opportunity to better protect their profile. They can do it now thanks to multi-factor authentication.

OpenAI announces that multi-factor authentication is available on ChatGPT. Once you configure it for your OpenAI account, it applies to ChatGPT, as well as API Platform and Labs.

Here’s how to easily enable two-factor authentication on ChatGPT:

  • Click on your name at the bottom left
  • Select “Settings”
  • In ‘General’, enable two-factor authentication
  • Enter your login details again
  • Choose an authenticator app like Google Authenticator

Please note: once you have configured multi-factor authentication, You will also receive a recovery code that you should keep carefully. This, as the name suggests, allows you to regain use of your account if for any reason you ever lose access to your authentication application.

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To recover a lost account, Simply choose a different connection method when you log into ChatGPT. The site will then ask you to enter your recovery code. Knowing that ChatGPT passwords were leaked just a few weeks ago, the introduction of two-factor authentication should reassure the chatbot’s many users.

Of course, this does not mean that your account is completely secure, especially as hackers increasingly target profiles platforms linked to artificial intelligence. In fact, many user IDs can be found on the Dark Web, as a recent Kaspersky study shows.

  • OpenAI announces the arrival of two-factor authentication on ChatGPT
  • Users can now log in more securely
  • ChatGPT provides a recovery code that should not be lost during configuration

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