Children's rights: thirty-five new ambassadors from primary school to secondary school in Lavaur

Children’s rights: thirty-five new ambassadors from primary school to secondary school in Lavaur

The city signed a partnership agreement with National Education and UNICEF on Thursday evening for the defense of the international treaty on the rights of the child.

“We have set up an educational project in collaboration with National Education. This signature contributes to all the city’s actions and places the child at the heart of the community’s interests,” underlined Marie-Claire Marignol, Deputy Mayor responsible for Education.

“We are particularly grateful to the city for its commitment,” said Élodie Mendez, UNICEF Midi-Pyrénées department delegate, who congratulated the 35 young people, educated from primary school to secondary school, who wanted to participate to promote children’s rights.

“The main goal is citizenship education,” underlines Damien Joly, education consultant representing the academic director of the National Education Services.

The Las-Cases and Flamarens secondary schools were represented, as well as the Clauzades and Sainte-Croix primary schools. “It all started from the realization that there are a large number of projects that fall within the framework of children’s rights and that it would give meaning to our projects if we brought them together. I noticed that young people were very interested. We must give young people who want to participate the opportunity to do so,” says Corinne Rey, theater employee responsible for mobility and international projects.

“This commitment honors you. Knowledge of key issues, in particular rights and freedoms and especially those of childhood, also contributes to general culture and intellectual education. We cannot imagine civic engagement if it is not also supported by knowledge,” Bernard Carayon, mayor of the city, told the young ambassadors.

Various missions were entrusted to them. “The little ones had to choose five from the forty-two rights of the child to expose them to their lessons. This reflection was followed by interventions with games to explain rights. As for the ambassadors, almost all of them wanted to be involved,” Corinne Rey testifies.

The ambassadors will now work together. A sponsorship system makes it possible to establish a dialogue between the youngest and oldest ambassadors. This year the theme of water will be highlighted with drawings, exhibitions and guidance at events. Games, debates and conferences are also planned. These are the two secondary schools (March 22 in Las Cases and March 25 and 26 in Flamarens) that will organize this action this year.

The date of November 20, International Day of Children’s Rights, is now part of the city’s events calendar and will lead to the establishment of actions in this direction in the coming years.

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