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Civil servants’ strike: the movement that little followed in National Education

Civil servants continued their salary impasse on Tuesday, March 19.
Among them are teachers, who also protest against the government’s education policy.

From Auxerre to Quimper via Paris, civil service unions have called on some 5.7 million civil servants to mobilize on Tuesday, March 19, for salary increases, which have so far been ruled out by the government. The unions are demanding new general increases, after 3.5% and 1.5% were agreed in 2022 and 2023. But at a time when the government is promising 10 billion in budget savings by 2024 and double that by 2025, Civil Service Minister Stanislas Guerini has refused to take out the checkbook.

Mobilized for this reason, the teachers are also marching against the government’s education policies and in particular against the creation of “level groups” at the university. It is claimed that this controversial measure of the so-called “shock of knowledge” reform is giving rise to this reform “school separatism and social sorting”said the CGT Educ’action, which called on staff to meet in a general meeting to discuss the renewal of the movement after the 19th.

By midday, the Ministry of National Education estimated that the average number of striking teachers in mainland France was 8.8%, with more pronounced mobilization in secondary education than in primary education.

In schools, participation would therefore be 6.77% in schools and 14.86% in colleges. It is close to 7% in general and technological high schools, and 4.48% in vocational high schools.

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