Civil servants' strike this Tuesday: classes and canteens disrupted in Haute-Garonne

Civil servants’ strike this Tuesday: classes and canteens disrupted in Haute-Garonne

Public sector workers are on strike on Tuesday, March 19. Hence disruptions in classes and the canteen at schools, middle and high schools in the Haute-Garonne. A demonstration is planned in Toulouse at 2 p.m., departing from Place du Capitole.

As a result of inflation, “we are losing more today than when the index point was frozen. » And this despite the recent revaluation of 3.5% of this index that determines the salary of civil servants. Marie-Cécile Perillat, co-secretary general of the FSU of Haute-Garonne, summarizes in one sentence the reason for the strike of the three public functions (state, hospital and territorial) carried out on Tuesday, March 19, on a company-wide scale closed Zexhoek by eight unions, the CGT, the CFDT, FO, the CFE-CGC, the Unsa, Solidaires, the FSU and the Autonomous Federation.

Everyone is on the same page to demand a salary increase. “Public agents, like all workers, want to be able to make a living from their profession,” underlines Cédric Caubère, No. 1 of the CGT of Haute-Garonne, who also points out “attacks on the status of civil servants” and “subcontracting” that “ employment decreases”.

In certain sectors, wage demands must be accompanied by the refusal of certain reforms. This is the case in National Education with regard to the ‘clash of knowledge’ and ‘level groups’ that end badly. “Government policy is changing the meaning of the profession,” says Marie-Cécile Perillat.

Demonstration at the Capitol

It is in this sector of education, from school to secondary school, that this Tuesday’s strike will probably be felt most. Classes therefore have to be canceled in many locations. And moreover, canteens are not allowed to function. The town hall of Toulouse announces it for kindergartens and primary schools. This should also be the case in middle and high schools at the decision of the school leaders.

In Toulouse, the town hall offers a minimal childcare service with two locations for kindergartens (Petit Capitole center and Juncasse school) and for primary schools (Petit Capitole and Sept-Deniers leisure center).

A demonstration is planned from Place du Capitole next Tuesday at 2 p.m. The meeting has not been banned by the prefecture, as initially planned. The procession then leaves via Rue Lafayette and Place Wilson to the boulevards to reach the administrative city. The Capitol and the administrative city, two strong symbols that the unions clung to to challenge employers.

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