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Copilot comes to iPhone, how to use GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 for free

Good news: Microsoft just launched the Copilot application on iOS. iPhone users can now easily access the chatbot and its advanced generative features using GPT-4 and DALL-E 3.

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For the sake of harmonization, Bing Chat is now called Copilot. Microsoft plans to attract as many users as possible into the net of its generative AI. Already available on Windows 11, it will soon be available on Windows 10. But that’s not all. Users can also use Copilot from a browser or use one of two newly created mobile applications.

After launching the Android Copilot application a few days ago, Microsoft has just released its counterpart on iOS and iPadOS into the wild. The Copilot application for iPhone and iPad is finally available in the App Store. Creation of text, images, code generation… Users can download it now to take advantage of its top-notch generative features.

Like ChatGPT, which also benefits from a mobile application, Copilot relies on GPT-4. However, in order to use the latest model on the OpenAI chatbot, you must take out a subscription. Without this, you’ll have to settle for the GPT-3.5 model. Conversely, you can enjoy the benefits of GPT-4 for free without paying anything on Copilot.

Microsoft’s chatbot can also create images based on DALL-E 3. You just have to describe them in simple words and let the magic happen. The OpenAI generator has also recently been integrated into ChatGPT, but again, you have to pay to access it.

The arrival of the Copilot application on iOS allows you to take advantage of the latest OpenAI technologies without having to pay a subscription. Although ChatGPT Plus theoretically offers better performance, having such a free alternative available is good news for users

All you have to do is test Copilot on your iPhone by sending a prompt. Write a professional email, prepare a meeting, create images to illustrate a project… The possibilities are endless. Go to the form below to download the application and send your first requests!

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