Crypto: A partnership between Ledger and Coinbase for cryptocurrency purchases

Crypto: A partnership between Ledger and Coinbase for cryptocurrency purchases

Among the historical leaders of cryptocurrency purchasing platforms, and the only one listed on the United States stock exchange (COIN), Coinbase will allow its customers to purchase cryptocurrencies directly in the United States. Ledger Livethe crypto application store of French unicorn Ledger.

A partnership that streamlines the process of transferring assets from Coinbase accounts to self-hosted wallets, as cryptocurrencies no longer have to navigate between different interfaces to withdraw their assets. Previously, users had to paste the address of their choice into the broker’s recording tool, being careful not to introduce any formatting errors. With this new offering, the risk of errors is now eliminated.

Coinbase, a partner with 100 million users

This collaboration is a continuation of what Ledger already offered with the French bitcoin bank Stackinza since 2022. The size of this new US partner, whose number of users is estimated at between 70 and 100 million users in the third quarter of 2023 alone for a trading volume of more than 75 billion dollars, according to the quarterly financial report, would nevertheless limit the use of Ledger Live can stimulate. already officially installed on 1.5 million devices.

With nearly 80% of its trading revenue tied to institutional investors, Coinbase also represents a preferred partner for Ledger, whose development strategy is largely focused on companies. And at a time when the crypto market, especially the bitcoin And etherEast in the centre ofthis new offering could be profitable for both players.

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