Do money and married life go well together?  |  TF1 INFO

Do money and married life go well together? | TF1 INFO

Money management within a married couple is an extremely delicate subject.
85% of couples with children have a joint account.
Maud Descamps tackles preconceived ideas in Bonjour! La Matinale TF1.

One of the important but delicate topics among couples is money. Bad management can quickly turn into arguments. Maud Descamps focuses on the division of finances and the sources of disagreement between partners in Bonjour! La Matinale TF1.

Stereotypes are persistent

Although many couples decide to open a joint account for everyday life expenses, they all also have a checking account. And it is women who save more. In fact, according to the Helios barometer, they have an average of 500 euros more in their accounts than men. On the other hand, it is men who spend more every month. They pay 250 euros more than ladies per year. According to the barometer, men spend more on their car or dining out, while women spend more on groceries, home and health care.

Money, a sensitive topic for couples

It is one of the topics that causes the most tension between couples, with children and in-laws. CRÉDOC also shows that children play a role in opening a joint account. In fact, 51% of couples without children have a joint account and 85% of couples with children have a joint account. The explanation? This is mainly for practical reasons, to share household expenses. Moreover, women in the private sector earn on average 15% less than men, and this is also a source of contention. In fact, each partner tends to contribute the same amount to the joint account instead of paying an amount proportional to his salary. And it is women who are harmed.

Advice for harmonious management

The key still remains communication. Talking about money remains the solution and talk often. Before you start a project, go on holiday, rent or buy an apartment or house, it is best to sit down to discuss it and draw up a budget based on common objectives. It is also advisable not to mix the couple’s budget and each partner’s money. We avoid putting all our income in one bank account because once a disagreement arises over the management of finances, the drama is not far away. On the other hand, this joint account is very useful for expenses related to rent, bills or children’s education. An equal division of costs is established and each partner contributes equal amounts to the joint account. Finally, we avoid discussing angry topics, such as questions about inheritance and succession. Especially on this Valentine’s Day!

Sabine BOUCHOUL | Column: Maud DESCAMPS

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