How to Download Getty Images without Watermarks

Wanna download photos and images from GettyImages for free? Nevermind, but you are at the perfect place. Here we are gonna show you a unique and working method to download Getty images for free without watermarks. We are going to use gettyimages downloader in this guide. So, If you want to download gettyimages for free then read the entire guide and don’t miss any step.

Let’s get started.

How to Download GettyImages for Free – Tomato GettyImages Downloader

Downloading GettyImages for free is very easy and we will be explaining all the steps required to download gettyimages for free. Following are the required steps to download gettyimages:

1. Go to GettyImages & Find Image

First of all, go to gettyimages official website and find the image you want to download. You can find the image by using the search box on the website.

Go to GettyImages & find the image you want to download - gettyimages downloader

2. Copy the URL of Image

When you have found the image you want to download, copy the URL of the image. You can see the image attached below:

Copy the URL of the image - gettyimages downloader

The URL of the image should look like this:

Note: If the URL or link has ?adppopup=true at the end then remove that. For example

3. Open

Now open in a new tab. Wait for the site to load & then you will see an interface like below. - GettyImages Downloader

4. Paste Link in Box & Download the Image

Paste the URL or link of the image in the box present in the centre of the webpage. Now click Generate Link Button & wait for some time. After a few seconds, you will see a “Download” button & right click the image to save it in your device. Check the following video tutorial if you are facing any problem.

Video Tutorial to Download Getty Images without Watermarks

Use Shutterstock Images If this One is not Working

Click the Image below to go to the method.

How to Download Shutterstsock Images For free


I hope so you have completely understood this method to download gettyimages without watermarks. This is the only guide you will find online on this topic & I am sure that you loved it.

If you are facing any problem while implementing this method then comment down below & I will help you fox the problem.

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  1. It was worked but today cannot work. I think the problem is the name of the photo has been changed to 10 digits instead of 9 digits.

    • Yes, that’s because GettyImages recently update their site. Until that, you can use Shutterstock to get stock images. I have added the link in the post above to download Shutterstock images without watermarks.

  2. Digitblogger Staff, do you know if is going to change this so that we can download images soon, without any problems or errors.

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