How to Download Movies from Google [Sweet Hack]

How to download movies from Google

This guide will show you how can you download Movies from Google. You can download movies from Google by using Google Search Strings.

Are you a movie lover? You want to download movies but you are not able to find movies easily then you are in the right place. You will learn to download movies with the help of Google advanced search. Did you even imagine this? You can Download Movies from Google with a little hack. You can use Google’s advanced search to find a ton of worthy stuff including movies etc.

Let’s Get Started!

How to Download Movies from Google

Download Movies from Google

We will be using Google advanced to find a lot of worthy stuff.

We can find direct downloading links of several files such as software, games, videos, movies and much more.

Download Movies from Google with DigitBlogger Files Hunter

Follow the steps below if you want to download movies from Google easily at a glimpse.

1. Go to DigitBlogger – Files Hunter

After opening the DigitBlogger – Files Hunter, you will see an interface like below.

How to Download Movies from Google

2. Search Anything

Search anything but we are dealing with movies so you can search American Sniper.

Type American Sniper & don’t forget to select the file type from the menu present on the left side of the search box.

Now hit the search button.

The table below shows when, which file type should be selected.

No.Media TypeFile Type (For Example)
1TV/Videos/MoviesGame of Thrones Season 1
2BooksBang-e-Dara by Allama Iqbal
4MusicKiKi by Drake
5Software/GamesAdobe Photoshop/GTA V
6ImagesiPhone or anything
7Others.TXT or .PHP and other files

The image below demonstrates this step:

Downlaod Movies from Google

3. Download the Movie

The previous step will redirect you to the Google search result pages (SERP).

From here, you have to visit the first web. (My recommendation)

How to download movies from google

Open the web and you will see something like below:

Download Movies from Google

Now click the 1st or 2nd file with .MP4 and .AVI extension and your file will start downloading.

Note: As we all know the popular formats of video files are .mp4, .mkv, .avi etc. So you have to download the files only with these extensions.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can also download other stuff using our tool Files Hunter such as software, games, pdf books and stock images etc.
    For example, If you want to download GTA V game then simply type GTA V and select file type as Softwares/Games & follow steps mentioned above.
  • You can search for files by using different keywords such as “Games of Thrones” & then you can also mention the season with it.
    For example, Games of Thrones Season 07.
  • The files can be downloaded in various qualities such as you can mention the quality with the movie name.
    For example, American Sniper 4K or HD or something like that.


Question: Is this an unethical or hacking technique?
Answer: Nope! It’s just like DIY hacks (Do it yourself).

Question: Is the tool (Files Hunter) free?
Answer: Absolutely, a big YES.

Question: Is downloading movies an illegal activity?
Answer: May or may not be. Downloading movies from the internet is considered illegal in various countries of the world. But nobody cares 😀

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Downloading movies (pirated content) from the internet is illegal in various countries. We do not support illegal activities. We provide such information just for entertainment and educational purposes. The downloading links provided to you by this tool are fetched from different website’s indexed pages in Google. We do not own any of the files provided to you.

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