Petite enfance – Une multiplicité de métiers au service de vos enfants : dans les coulisses d’une halte-garderie maisonnaise

Early childhood – A multitude of professions at the service of your children: behind the scenes of a nursery in Maisonnais – Maisons-Alfort

Why did you choose a career in early childhood?

Meline: I started my career working with children in school placements when I was 18 years old. I immediately appreciated the sense of service these jobs require. I especially enjoy making my contribution by supporting both children and their parents.
Melody: Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to work with children. It is a real calling for me. You should know that a large part of our work is supporting families through the difficulties they may face; this is a real social commitment. It is therefore not enough to just love working with children, as we welcome each family in its individuality.

What do you think are the essential qualities for working in early childhood?

Meline: We need to know how to listen to children, parents and our colleagues and adapt to different situations, planned or unplanned. Above all, we offer families a genuine service, so it is essential to know how to put our personal problems aside.
Melody: Team spirit is essential in early childhood professions; you need to know how to spread information and help each other. Our working method must be regularly discussed, because education is constantly evolving, continuous training is therefore necessary.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this type of career?

Meline: It is important to complete internships to understand what professionals actually do on a daily basis.
Melody: Many young graduates want to take up a responsible position after graduation. But field experiences are very educational and essential for understanding the reality of the professions.

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