Early Childhood Professionals Denounce Exorbitant Prices of 'Parenting Experts'

Early Childhood Professionals Denounce Exorbitant Prices of ‘Parenting Experts’

“There’s all kinds of things.” Requested by The Parisianthe early childhood educator (ECE) and author of the book I have pain in my crib, Julie Marty Pichon, is not gentle when it comes to taking stock of the early childhood sector. She regrets the to much people “self-appointed parenting coaches that only make you feel even more guilty”. Because nowadays, when it comes to early childhood, parents are quick to worry. This is the case of a mother whose 18-month-old daughter woke up every night. She comes across on social networks “coaches” highly followed. She decides and pays 400 euros in the belief that she will find an answer to her questions.

Ultimately, as she explains in Parisianshe will soon realize that she has been caught: “It was windy”, she regrets. The mother eventually found out through an ENT doctor that her daughter simply needed to be treated because she had sleep apnea. The problem for early childhood professionals and parents is that there are hundreds of people (mostly women) who declare themselves specialists. The Interprofessional Union of Supporting, Coaching and Guidance Professions (Simacs) has already filed a report between 3,000 and 4,000 in 2021.

“Deceptive” practices

However, with the explosion of social networks, this figure has certainly evolved “drift” that comes with this, regrets the director of the Breastfeeding and Perinatal Training Center. Short training courses, no diplomas, exorbitant prices… So many abuses and practices most often “lying”in turn criticizes a pediatric nurse interviewed by him The Parisian. Another points out the risk for mothers, “vulnerable in these periods of life” and who hears “lots of nonsense”

And this one ‘parenting experts’ each have their own specialty, from positive education to ‘massage experts’, including coaches who specialize in nutritional diversification or sleep. The latest fashion is that of baby planners, these coaches who help parents before birth. Professionals are now demanding that the sector be better regulated, but most importantly “Get out of this landscape where we can do anything and everything”, underlines the director of the Breastfeeding and Perinatal Training Center. Faced with the question, a qualitative answer must be offered.

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