Education: Wearing a uniform will soon be tested in 100 institutions

Education: Wearing a uniform will soon be tested in 100 institutions

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The measure was already in the pipeline, as was confirmed by the President of the Republic during the press conference on January 16. Wearing a uniform at school is being tested in 100 volunteer organizations. Those who are already ready will be able to do so upon return from February holidays. In concrete terms, families must be allocated for the first participants five polo shirts, two sweaters and two pairs of pants per child.

The cost of this package, estimated at 200 euros, should be fully financed by the state and local authorities to avoid any remaining costs for families. According to a map, spread over the President of the Republic

Outside the Paris region, local authorities such as Tourcoing, Reims, Nice or Perpignan have already indicated that they were volunteers to participate in this experiment. After this test, the duration of which is not specified, an assessment is drawn up. “This experiment will be evaluated methodicallysaid the tenant of the Elysée. And based on what has been evaluated, we will decide whether or not to generalize (wearing the uniform, editor’s note).”, he added. Only at the end of the conclusions of these experts, which should mainly concern the school climate, academic results and classroom atmosphere, can the wearing of uniforms can be generalized from 2026

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