Embed YouTube Videos With Looping, AutoPlay & More Features

Got a website? Want to loop or autoplay YouTube videos embedded on your website?

If Yes, then this guide is everything you need to know. Recently, I noticed that many people are willing to loop or autoplay and enable more advanced features on embedded Youtube videos but don’t know how to do that. Even, Google has provided instructions but those are difficult for non-techies to implement.

In this guide, you will get to know the easiest method to loop, autoplay, disable controls on embedded YouTube videos. In addition to these, you will learn to activate many more advanced features when embedding YouTube videos on your website or anywhere else.

Use the vidIQ extension to Loop, AutoPlay & enable other Youtube Embed Parameters

Use the vidIQ extension to Loop, AutoPlay & enable other Youtube Embed Parameters

This is an easy way to use advanced YouTube parameters because we do not need to modify the URL. It is best for non-techies because you just have to tick the features you want to use and then copy the URL.

Follow the instructions below to loop, autoplay or enable other advanced YouTube embed parameters

1. Install the vidIQ extension in your browser.VidIQ Vision for YouTube Extension

2. Play any YouTube Video.

youtube video

3. Click on the “blue play icon” below the video.
click on blue play icon

4. Now, click on “Advanced Embed”.
click advanced embed

Here, you will see all the advanced embed parameters.
advanced embed parameters

You can enable or disable the following features.

Player Size

5. Tick the features you want to use.
tick the features you want to use

6. After enabling the desired feature, copy the code from the box below.
copy the code

You are ready to embed youtube video with advanced embed features such as looping, autoplay etc.

Alternatives of vidIQ extension

Important: If the vidIQ extension is not available for your browser then you can use the following tools which do the same job.

Final Words

This is the easiest method to enable advanced parameters in embedded YouTube videos. There are some other methods too but they are a little tricky. So, I suggest you stick with this method and enjoy embedding videos.

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