Energy renovation: a major project made possible with the help of Soliha in Charleval

Author: Aurélie Hébert
Posted on January 20, 24 at 5:40 p.m.

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Home improvement, energy renovation, affordability… From February 2019 Community of communes of Lyons Andelle (Euros) entrusted tracking and animationPlanned operation to improve housing facilities (OPAH) in Soliha Normandy Seine.

In 2023, elected officials approved the launch of a new operation (until 2028), which provides financial assistance to owners to encourage them to rehabilitate their properties.

Free consultant support

To see the benefits of this help on the ground, the Community of Municipalities and Soliha went to one of the people who benefited from it: Claudine Le Bloas, who has been living in Charleval (Eure) for several years.

“I wanted to change the boiler. A friend told me about the help of the National Agency for the Improvement of Housing (Anah). So I went there to find out,” explains the owner, surrounded by agents from OPAH and Comcom Lyons Andelle, as well as elected officials, including Philippe Halot, vice president in charge of territorial planning and the framework of life, as well as Patrick Emo. , deputy in Charleval.

With her is (single) Audrey Lecable, housing counselor in Solih, who is on duty in Lyons-la-Forêt (Jimmy Médard, housing technician on duty in Fleury-sur-Andelle).

Everything you need to know about OPAH

– Improvement of housing conditions for tenants with modest and very modest incomes
– The fight against unworthy and highly degraded housing
– Improving the energy efficiency of housing and combating the lack of fuel
– Adaptation of housing to the disability and loss of autonomy of the elderly
– Improvement and development of the private rental fund with controlled rents and absorption of vacancies.
This OPAH is aimed at:
– to tenant owners for their main residence (depending on resource conditions) i
– to lessors of rented or vacant accommodation for rent (subject to controlled rental conditions and without funds conditions.
– have more than 15 years of experience.
Solih's support
– Financial aid information
– Elaborate on meeting the owner's conditions for assistance
– Tour of the field (complete list, analysis of the degree of degradation, assessment of energy properties before work)
– Advice and recommendations on the tasks to be performed
– Estimated price of works
– Calculation of financial aid
– Help with setting up, submitting and tracking support request files
– Receipt of invoices and work control
– Assistance in making requests for payment of allocated grants

After the visit, Solih's advisor advises him to develop his project to be consistent in terms of energy savings.

It certainly made the job more difficult, but we are looking for help that we can mobilize, explains councilor Soliha, reminding that the owners are the ones who ultimately, and according to their capabilities, decide what will be done.

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From boiler to global improvement

Wanting to change her boiler, Claudine Le Bloas (centre) developed her project, with the help of Soliha, also enabling energy savings.
Wanting to change her boiler, Claudine Le Bloas (centre) developed her project, with the help of Soliha, also enabling energy savings. ©L'Impartial

Thus, the Claudine Le Bloas project goes from changing the boiler to an overall energy improvement with a remodel of the roof with insulation on the outside of the ramps, the replacement of single woodwork and two blinds, as well as a change of fuel. boiler over 40 years old from HPE city gas boiler.

Therefore, the large project estimated at 41,600 euros, including tax, is carried out by four companies in the sector.

“The owner is responsible for seeking bids from companies identified by the state. Only when the support and subsidy contracts arrive, does the project begin. Above all, we must not start work before those agreements”, specifies Audrey Lecable. In fact, some files can take several months.

63% help and savings on bills

Councilor Soliha then continued to ask for help from various organizations.

Claudine Le Bloas thus received 15,000 euros from Anah, 4,000 euros from the Living Better program, 2,900 euros from the Ministry, 3,500 euros from the pension fund, 1,000 euros from Comcom, a total of 2,6500 euros. € (more than 63% of the labor price).

“I received a lot of support. I didn't think I could do all this and get all this help. »

Therefore, he had to finance those 15,200 euros from his own pocket. A significant amount, but one that will pay off over the years with the savings she has already seen on these bills “already €600 just for heating”.

Need information about Solih? SOLiHA Normandie Seine councilor, head of the Operation Planned Improvement of Housing (OPAH) of the Community of Municipalities of Lyons Andelle, is on call: 1st Thursday of the month from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Lyon – la-Forêt Town Hall and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Comcom in Charleval as well as on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., at Espace Paul-Vatine (9, rue du Général Leclerc) in Fleury-sur-Andelle. Information on financial assistance to improve their housing (occupied or rented) and advice on renovation works. Free durability. Find out more before starting the work. To contact Soliha Normandie Seine: 02 32 39 84 00 or (email protected)

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