Environment: the citizens of tomorrow who are committed to preserving their planet

Environment: the citizens of tomorrow who are committed to preserving their planet

24 schoolchildren from Riguepeu School (Gers) recently took part in planting 200 meters of hedges.

At the Raguet farm, in Saint-Arailles, on March 7, Romain Florent welcomed schoolchildren from the Marie-Rose school and Michel-Commères (Riguepeu) to plant 200 meters of rural hedges or 250 trees. About ten different species, national and local, were planted by the children.

The Children and Trees association is the basis of this partnership between farmers and citizens of tomorrow. The Arbre et Paysage 32 association was aware of Romain Florent’s project and put him in touch with the Riguepeu school, whose teachers took up the challenge!

On the day of the planting, school director Muriel Dupuy made the trip with the teachers and 24 students from the main section to CM2.

Marie-France Barrier, founder and director of Children and Trees, recalls: “This is our fourth so-called school and solidarity planting season. This winter we have 135 plantations in 53 departments!”

And to continue: “I am based in Île-de-France, and I came exceptionally, because a series is being filmed by Canal + about our activities, and since the filming took place right next door, at a farmer’s house, it was it’s the chance to come to Riguepeu.”

An active, supportive and civil pedagogy

“Our concern is to place farmers at the heart of the collective, and that in this case civil society, represented by the young generation, helps in this transition through agroecological practices, giving birth as today . “Today we have trees, in the landscapes, to take care of the soil, the farmer’s working tools, the climate and biodiversity,” explains Marie-France Barrier.

And finally: “We want farmers, who often feel alone in this challenge, to know that we are by their side, that they are coming to help them! Thanks to the enthusiasm of the children and parents, a 200-meter obstacle was quickly completed, with overflowing joy!”

Proposing an active, supportive and citizen pedagogy that invites the young generation to connect with life and at the same time become an actor of change and ecological challenges, that is the mission of the association.

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