Environment: with the 'One Tree, One Young' campaign, students from the Cantaous school are planting 21 oak trees

Environment: with the ‘One Tree, One Young’ campaign, students from the Cantaous school are planting 21 oak trees

As part of the national A Young Tree campaign, 21 students from Cantaous primary school each planted a Sessile Oak.

Last Thursday afternoon, 21 students from classes CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2 of the Cantaous primary school in Cantaous each planted a sessile oak on the 8 hectare plot of the Cantaous municipal forest. This plot was affected in 2022 by the bark beetle, this insect of the order Coleoptera that burrows under the bark of spruce trees and blocks the emergence of sap, causing the tree to die.

“This operation,” says Jean-Claude Fétis, the mayor of Cantaous, “is part of the operation “A tree a young man”, desired by the President of the Republic, which involved no fewer than 2,200 classes in France mobilized, with the aim of planting one million trees by 2032.
Assisted and advised by Jean-Lou Meunier, departmental director of the Forestry Commission for the Hautes-Pyrénées, Gers and Haute-Garonne, by Claire Bousser, sector technician and responsible for planting, and Xavier de Myuser, technician.

The twenty-one students not only planted a tree each, but also placed a small sign in front of it with their first and last names. A way to take ownership of the authorship of the plan, and above all to be able to observe the stages of its development on site over time.

“This approach,” emphasizes teacher Nathalie Chagné, is primarily linked to science and sustainable development, which are included in the school curriculum, as well as the protection of nature and the renewal of a forest. On a practical level, this planting ensures that students really see the benefit of planting a tree. Last year we had already planted trees in front of the school car park and the town hall, which was very well received by the students.”

“We support municipalities that have a forest,” emphasizes Jean-Lou Meunier. In Cantaous, after a sanitary felling aimed at harvesting dead spruce trees killed on the one hand by the drought and on the other by the bark beetle, the municipality has chosen to replant , which was achieved.” And to add that “ this 8 hectare land has suitable species, mainly oaks and accompanying species such as hornbeams and maples”.

Waking up in the environment

As part of their awareness of the environment and sustainable development, Cantaous students came to plant twenty-one oak trees on the land. So that they become aware of the need to restore and monitor forests and natural environments. On the 8 hectares of the Cantaous forest, the trees were almost all dead.

The bark beetle develops under the bark of the tree, preventing the sap from accessing the foliage. The tree dies within a few weeks. Due to drought and weakened trees, bark beetles have developed enormously. Because the spruce was particularly sensitive, mortality was noted on 8 hectares.

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