“Everything is going wrong”: large-scale mobilization in the secondary and high schools of Seine-Saint-Denis |  TF1 INFO

“Everything is going wrong”: large-scale mobilization in the secondary and high schools of Seine-Saint-Denis | TF1 INFO

Students and teaching staff have been mobilized in Seine-Saint-Denis for three weeks.
They demand an emergency plan if they are faced with deteriorating conditions and irreplaceable absences on a daily basis.
Demonstrations, strikes, TikTok videos to testify, all means are being used to alert people to the situation.

“I study with Blaise Cendrars, of course we have a seal against leaks, because we don’t have a ceiling.” Using the codes of a TikTok trend, a group of high school students attending school in Sevran, in Seine-Saint-Denis, testified in a video of the miserable conditions they face every day in their establishment. Teachers, but also directors and CPEs who are not replaced, a lack of AESH or supervisors, damaged or missing equipment or even deteriorated buildings: the problems are numerous.

“It’s a mess. Look at our ceilings, our walls, everything is bad. The windows won’t open, the curtains are broken”protests a high school student in another video published on the social network. “I had no HLP for a month and a half (specialty Humanities, Literature and Philosophy, editor’s note)literature or even an English teacher, I’m still in my last year”underlines another.

These videos, which have gone viral, have made it possible to embody a social movement that began three weeks ago throughout the department of 93. Strikes, blockades, demonstrations, since the start of the school holidays in February, the life of the Seine – Saint-Denis establishments has been characterized by the mobilization of school teams, students and parents. “We are tired of having no teachers, no nurses and no school doctors. We are missing staff everywhere.”irritates Alixe Rivière, spokesperson for the parent association FCPE 93.

“Today it is a demonstration of strength to have this unity between the entire educational community, teachers, staff, parents and students”, also underlines the secretary of CGT Educ’Action, Louise Paternoster. This Thursday, March 14, the day of the call for demonstrations, the CGT Educ’Action assured that almost 40% of secondary school teachers were on strike and that a dozen branches were closed. Figures similar to last week, which seem to show that the movement is not gaining steam. “We are on an upward trend”confirms the union representative. “The school is in a state of emergency in Seine-Saint-Denis”also warned Grégory Thuizat, co-secretary of SNES-FSU 93.

An emergency plan for Seine-Saint-Denis

All are calling for an emergency plan for the education sector in Seine-Saint-Denis. It costs 358 million euros and mainly requires more staff. 175 CPE positions, 2,200 AESH positions (supervising students with disabilities) or even 5,000 teaching positions are being requested. This recruitment would make it possible to form classes of about twenty students in secondary schools in this department.

Small numbers compared to the average in France, about 25.9 students in secondary school and 30.3 students in general and technical training in high school. “Our department faces the greatest difficulties in France in the areas of mathematics and French. We are obliged to have an appropriate system and exceptional resources.”justifies Louise Paternoster.

A parliamentary report prepared by deputies Stéphane Peu (PCF) and Christine Decodts (Renaissance), published last November, noted these specific problems in the youngest and poorest department in mainland France. These elected officials subsequently reported that the number of hours of unreplaced instruction in this area was such that a child lost an average of more than a year of instruction throughout their entire school life. “There are too many contract workers and too many young and inexperienced teachers”Stéphane Peu also noted, even though the students there are often in trouble.

Faced with this ongoing mobilization, the political response is currently minimal. When Minister Nicole Belloubet was questioned on this subject during questions to the government in the National Assembly, he assured that he would take into account the “singularities” of Seine-Saint-Denis, citing the fixing of bonuses for “loyalty” educational staff in this area. The department’s education inter-union (CGT, FSU, SUD) should also be received at the Ministry of National Education this Friday, March 15.

Despite everything, the mobilized staff, parents and students do not intend to take away the pressure. This Friday, parents are asked not to drop off their children at schools, middle schools and high schools in Seine-Saint-Denis. “It is an extremely serious decision because the situation is extremely serious”, underlines Alixe Rivière of FCPE 93. A fourth week of mobilization is also planned for next week. In addition to the national strike day within National Education next Tuesday, March 19, teaching staff are called upon to further mobilize on March 20, 21 and 22. Movement “will be even bigger next week” promises Louise Paternoster.

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