10 thoughts on “How to Get Lynda Premium Account for Free in 2019”

  1. with this method it is possible to view offline? when try to download, asking for a 6 digit activation code …

  2. Actually that doesnt work anymore, we are not redirected on the good page. We can just purchase for a 1 month free account. Can you take a look and give us more details ?

    Thank you

      1. Yes I can explain.

        So I follow all your instructions, then I have an account on myPLTW.
        Follow the path : Professionnal Developement > Lynda.com.

        Unfortunately I dont find the same Lynda page as you. You can see mine on this link :

        Do you understand from where can be the issue ? Can I do something to change that ?

        Thank you

        1. Oh! looks like Lynda is moving to linked in learning. That’s why the method is not working. I think they will allow their associates/partners with unlimited access soon.
          I will email you when it gets fixed or we find another method.

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