Google Maps: AI comes to help you discover new places

Google Maps: AI comes to help you discover new places

In a post on its blog, Google describes a new feature currently being implemented that is based on generative artificial intelligence. Modeled after a chatbot, the user can write what he is looking for in natural language to discover places that match his query.

This new feature, which launched in early access from this week in the United States, seems promising, especially since this AI draws its resources from reviews and photos that Internet users have published after visiting certain places.

Discover places using generative AI

This integration of AI into Google Maps takes the form of a chatbot in which the user enters what he wants to find. For example, “I’m looking for places in Los Angeles where you can enjoy grilled meat in an intimate atmosphere“. The artificial intelligence carries out its research by cross-referencing the information available on the companies, in the opinions published by Internet users and taking into account the posted photos of the places concerned. The results of the search can then be consulted directly through the Google Maps interface. It should be noted that the AI ​​currently only takes into account reviews published by users who have the Local Guide badge. Google is keen to ensure the relevance of the information collected by its artificial intelligence model .

In addition to these types of searches, Google Maps AI can be used for broader purposes. For example, during a trip, the day’s planned activities are canceled due to unfavorable weather. The user can ask Google Maps for a new rainy day program. The answers given can be refined by adding conditions such as “And for the children?“.

Google Maps

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