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Grabber.co.in Not Working? Here are the Alternatives

Recently, Grabber.co.in stopped working without giving any prior notifications to its users. Now, the users are really sad because the website has stopped working and they want the alternative of Grabber.co.in but they can’t find it. That’s why I wrote this guide to inform users about new website of Grabber.co.in.

For those who don’t know, Grabber.co.in was a website which allowed users to download Shutterstock images without watermarks for free at full HD quality. A lot of users were using this website but when it stopped working, they were looking for any update and alternative but they did not found.

Let’s dig into he right thing!

Why Grabber.co.in not working?

Why Grabber.co.in not working

So, nobody knows the exact reason that why grabber.co.in is not working or what happened to grabber.co.in. One of the reasons maybe a DMCA take-down by shutterstock on grabber. Because, grabber.co.in was sharing shutterstock images without their permission so that is illegal.

But this is not necessary, we just have to move forward and have a look on the alternatives of grabber.co.in.

Grabber.co.in Alternatives

Alternatives of Grabber.co.in

Following are the alternatives of Grabber.co.in.

  • Dont.co.in
  • Sharedvn.Net
  • Shutterstock-Downloader.Com
  • Freeshutterstock.Net
  • Getstocks.net
  • Shuttersaver.Xyz

Official Alternative by Grabber.co.in (DONT.CO.IN)


Somehow, I manage to discover the official grabber.co.in alternative which works the same as the previous one. Many users still don’t know about this alternative that’s why I am showing it in a separate headline.

Dont.co.in is the official alternative of grabber because before takedown they bought this domain and moved their website to this domain.

How to use DONT.CO.IN

How to use Dont.co.in to download shutterstock images.

  1. Open Dont.co.in in your web browser.

    First of all, open dont.co.in in you web browser.

  2. Go to Shutterstock website

    Open Shutterstock website and copy the URL of the image.

  3. Get Back to DONT.CO.IN

    Now, come back to Dont.co.in and paste the URL of the image here. After that hit Generate button and wait for 3 to 5 seconds. Now, you will see a download button, click on that.

  4. Download the Image

    After clicking the download button, a new page will open. Here, right click on the image and then click on “Save as” & photo will start downloading.

Final Words

These were the best alternatives of Grabber.co.in which you can use to download Shutterstock images without watermarks. I also told you the official alternative by Grabber. So, now you will not face any difficulty while downloading Shutterstock images. In case, Dont.co.in is not working, you can use the other sites I mentioned above.

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How to Download Tumblr Videos in Mobile or PC

  1. Did you ever try to download videos from Tumblr? If you tried and failed then this is a perfect guide for you because we will show you how to download videos from Tumblr for free in a mobile or PC.

Tumblr is one of the famous social media networks but also a microblogging network. People share a lot of images, gifs and text on Tumblr.  In past, most of the people used to share gifs or images on Tumblr.

But now in this scenario has been changed because the majority of the people started to share videos on  Tumblr.  So that’s why we have decided to write a guide on how to download videos from Tumblr for free either you are using a mobile device or PC.

How to Download Tumblr videos in Mobile or PC

So below is the simplest method to download Tumblr videos absolutely for free on a PC or a mobile device.  But make sure to follow all steps and read the entire guide so you do not face any error and problem while implementing this guide for yourself.

1. Log in to your Tumblr account and find the video you want to download.
Step 1 - download tumblr videos

2. After choosing the video, click on the share icon of the video and click on copy link.
Step 2 - How to download tumblr videos

3. Open a new tab in your web browser and visit DownloadVideosFrom. You will see an interface  like below:
Step 3 - How do i download tumblr videos

4. Now paste here the URL of the video you copied from Tumblr and click on Download MP4 HD button.
Step 4 - Best method to download tumblr videos

5. Here, it will show the thumbnail of the video and a green download button. You can check the image below:
Step 5 - How to download tumblr videos

6. Now right click on the green button and click on save link as.  When you click on save link as the video starts downloading.

Video Tutorial on How to Download Tumblr Videos

Below is the live video tutorial which contains step by step instruction to download Tumblr videos online.

Other websites to Download Tumblr videos online

Following are some more websites to download Tumblr videos online.

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This was the easiest method to download videos from Tumblr for free on a mobile device or a PC.  Downloading Tumblr videos is not difficult,  what you have to do is follow the instructions in this guide and you will be able to download videos from Tumblr.

We also  provided you with the video tutorial on this topic, so if you are facing any problems then watch the video and you will be able to download Tumblr video successfully

If this method worked for you then make sure to share it with your friends and family. Moreover, if you have any questions for suggestions then feel free to ask below in the comments.

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Best Way to Extract Images & Pictures from PDF Documents

Wanna know how to extract images & pictures from PDF documents. if yes, then believe me or not, you are at the best place on this universe. This guide is completely devoted to this topic. We will be covering on how to copy images from pdf documents online.

This method works perfectly without any errors. You do not need to install any software to extract images from PDFs.

Let’s go.

How to Copy or Extract Images from PDF Documents

We will be using two different two methods to extract images from PDF documents. Below are the methods:

  • By using the Online tool
  • By Screenshots

Method 1: Copy Images from a PDF using ilovePDF tool

The method I am going to share with you is very simple and it works on all operating systems. We will be using an online tool to extract image from a PDF document.

Without wasting more time, let’s start this guide.

1. Open ilovepdf PDF to JPG tool

First of all, open PDF to JPG tool by ilovepdf. After the webpage loads, you will see an interface like below:

ilovepdf.com PDF to JPG converter

2. Select PDF File & Wait for Upload

Now click on “Select PDF file” and select the PDF file from your device. You can also upload a PDF document from Google Drive and Dropbox. Check the images:

Upload PDF - how to copy an image from a pdf

File Uploaded - how to copy an image from a pdf

3. Select Extract Images & Click on Convert

Now you will see two options here. You have to select the second option “Extract Images” & click “Convert to JPG“. You can see the image attached below:

how to copy an image from a pdf - how to copy an image from a pdf

4. Wait till file Uploads

After clicking “convert to jpg”, the file will start uploading. You will see an interface like this one:

Uploading Document - how to copy an image from a pdf

5. Download Images

After the upload completes, you will see a button “Download JPG Images”. Click that button and images will start to download in zip format.

You can extract those images with Winrar or 7zip software available for all operating systems.

Download Images - how to copy an image from a pdf

Downlaod Images in Zip format - how to copy an image from a pdf

Resultant Filles - how to copy an image from a pdf

Method 2: Extract Images from PDF documents using screenshots

This is a very easy method to copy or extract images from PDF documents. You also do not need to install any software to take screenshots. We can use an inbuilt application in windows “Snipping Tool” to take screenshots.

snipping tool - how to copy an image from a pdf

  • Open Snipping Tool.
  • Click on New.
  • Select the area by mouse to take a screenshot.
  • Now click on Save as from menu on the top left side of the window.
  • Save in your desired location.

Final Words

These were the two best methods to extract or copy images from PDF files easily. I hope that these methods work for you too because they do for me.
If you have any questions, then feel free to ask in comments and also share this post with your friends.

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How to Download Getty Images without Watermarks

Wanna download photos and images from GettyImages for free? Nevermind, but you are at the perfect place. Here we are gonna show you a unique and working method to download Getty images for free without watermarks. We are going to use Tomato.to gettyimages downloader in this guide. So, If you want to download gettyimages for free then read the entire guide and don’t miss any step.

Let’s get started.

How to Download GettyImages for Free – Tomato GettyImages Downloader

Downloading GettyImages for free is very easy and we will be explaining all the steps required to download gettyimages for free. Following are the required steps to download gettyimages:

1. Go to GettyImages & Find Image

First of all, go to gettyimages official website and find the image you want to download. You can find the image by using the search box on the website.

Go to GettyImages & find the image you want to download - gettyimages downloader

2. Copy the URL of Image

When you have found the image you want to download, copy the URL of the image. You can see the image attached below:

Copy the URL of the image - gettyimages downloader

The URL of the image should look like this: https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/illustration/internet-acronyms-social-media-emoticons-royalty-free-illustration/1069348346

Note: If the URL or link has ?adppopup=true at the end then remove that. For example https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/illustration/internet-acronyms-social-media-emoticons-royalty-free-illustration/1069348346?adppopup=true

3. Open Tomato.to

Now open Tomato.to in a new tab. Wait for the site to load & then you will see an interface like below.

Tomato.to - GettyImages Downloader

4. Paste Link in Box & Download the Image

Paste the URL or link of the image in the box present in the centre of the webpage. Now click Generate Link Button & wait for some time. After a few seconds, you will see a “Download” button & right click the image to save it in your device. Check the following video tutorial if you are facing any problem.

Video Tutorial to Download Getty Images without Watermarks

Use Shutterstock Images If this One is not Working

Click the Image below to go to the method.

How to Download Shutterstsock Images For free


I hope so you have completely understood this method to download gettyimages without watermarks. This is the only guide you will find online on this topic & I am sure that you loved it.

If you are facing any problem while implementing this method then comment down below & I will help you fox the problem.

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