He engraves and prints his poetic creativity

The print is the result of printing an engraving made with a cutting tool and printing it

For this resident of the Hautes-Alpes, where he lived for a few years, nature in the mountains, the vegetation that grows there, the colors associated with the seasons, the scents that all life in the plant kingdom radiates influence the imagination , the sensitivity and creativity of Landry Giquiaux.

“I learned engraving for a number of years in the workshop “La Belle Estampe” in Bordeaux,” the artist explains.

A craftsmanship is the basis of all achievements, regardless of the medium. But when he found the mineral and the plant, the interweaving of life sources that gave him his inspiration and his spirit of creativity, it was only natural that he found them in the Pyrenees. Hence the installation in Bagnères de Bigorre, 2 rue de Salies.

Making a beautiful print requires a whole protocol. Whether on linoleum, on a copper plate, zinc plate or other clean and degreased surface, reverse engraving with drypoint, in etching, in aquatint, is a variation on the inscription of real or imaginary settings.

The part used to make a print is designed. Then comes the choice of inks and shades. An inlaid color impregnation that gives the work its shine. The choice of the beautiful paper on which you can identify with the final print raises questions. The texture of the 300 gram format is most suitable.

“Engraving requires patience, like a tree that grows over time. Give free rein to your intuitive gesture to write your inner landscape,” the artist advocates. Remarkable trees sing and fascinate his mind.

Landry Giquiaux’s thoughts escape into the depths of the twisting bark of Thuriferous junipers. These external torments generate a blueprint for his future productions.

“For me, exchange and transmission are fundamental, inspiring and stimulating values. It is a wonderful way to give back what I have received,” he explains.

‘The nomadic press’ is this new concept that he has included in his educational palette. “Wanting to share and pass on my experience, I offer discovery courses and engraving courses using different techniques to explore, in my Estampe Bleue workshop in Bagnères, where the days and schedules are flexible, to teach engraving in schools and for private individuals. You just need to know how to draw,” warns this self-taught artist who will be present at the two European Craft Days in the abbey.

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