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What are the changes in 2024 for MaPrimeRénov'?

From January 1, 2024, MaPrimeRénov' is organized around two pillars:

  • On the one hand, the pillar of “performance” for carrying out major works with minimal out-of-pocket costs for the most modest households
  • On the other hand, the pillar of “efficiency” which will extend the help of MaPrimeRénova for boiler changes and small work packages that combine insulation actions and carbon-free heating equipment.

Guided tour with my renewal bonus

The Ma Prime Rénov' Sérénité system and the entire renewal package no longer exist as of January 1, 2024. They are now integrated into the Ma Prime Rénov' Supported Journey.

Dedicated to large-scale renovations, this system refers to renovation works that allow a level of two energy classes on the diagnosis of energy efficiency (DPE). Do at least two insulation and ventilation measures have to be implemented?

To benefit from this, simply send one file to the National Housing Agency (Anah). It is this agency that is responsible for assessing the CEE to which the household in question is entitled and their inclusion in Ma Prime Rénov's financing.

Ma Prime Rénov' Supported Journey help is supported by Mon Accompagneteur Rénov'. This service, which is based on a network of around 550 counseling centers, provides technical, administrative and financial support.

New upper limit of 70,000 euros in 2024

On January 1, 2024, the maximum upper limit for MaPrimeRé's assistance will increase from €35,000 to €70,000. The applicable upper limit will depend on the nature of the projects undertaken:

  • €40,000 when the works enable the property to be moved from one energy class to another
  • €55,000 for three classes
  • Up to €70,000 for a jump of 4 classes that allows the property to avoid the status of an energy sieve (housing classified F or G according to DPE).

Incentive for heat pumps

Assistance for the installation of air/water geothermal heat pumps will be doubled, from €1,000 to €2,000 for low- and middle-income households.

At the same time, MaPrimeRénova's support for one project – specifically for the transition from heating with fossil fuels (gas and oil) to carbon-free heating (heat pumps, geothermal energy, connection to the district heating network) – will now be reserved for homeowners who are not thermal sieves.

Particularly attractive financing rate in 2024

Furthermore, the coverage rate can reach 90% for households with very modest incomes.

The level of compensation for work is increased by 10% for heat filters (F and G) that after work reach at least the D mark of the energy efficiency diagnosis (DPE).

Finally, Ma Prime Rénov' has been extended to summer comfort work for individuals.

MaPrimeRé's aid to finance solar protection systems for roofs, walls and windows, which were already in place abroad, has been extended to mainland France in order to combat “thermal cauldrons”.

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