Housing: Decrease in renewals in 2023 due to inflation

The number of homes renovated in 2023 decreased by about 7% compared to 2022 due to inflation and delays related to changes in subsidies, but large-scale renovations are on the rise, according to the agency's report. National Housing Authority (ANAH).

The number of renovated homes is 623,790 in 2023 compared to 670,000 in 2022, which is below the target of 700,000 but represents an equivalent aid of €3.12 billion.

Of this total number, 569,243 are energy renovations that benefit from “MaPrimeRénov”, the leading Anah system.

A positive point is that the number of large energy renovations increased by 12.5% ​​to 71,613, for an average energy gain of 54.3%, especially for residential buildings (+16%).

In 2024, the goal was increased to 200,000.

“The funds are there, we have to restore confidence in a period where one of the obstacles, apart from the fear of not having the right advice (…), is inflation, which has increased costs.” , commented Anah President Thierry Repentin.

According to him, the improvement of the “MaPrimeRenov'” assistance in 2024 for modest homeowners who plan to carry out large-scale renovations undoubtedly “played a role in the choice to delay the work by several months”.

From January 1, the coverage rate can reach 90% for households with very modest incomes, with an upper limit of 70,000 euros compared to the previous 35,000 euros.

Since its launch in 2020, MaPrimeRenov' has enabled the renovation of 2.15 million homes, equivalent to 5.3 million tons of CO2 avoided, according to Anah.

In 2024, the government increased the budget for the energy renovation of residential buildings by 1.6 billion euros, bringing the total effort to 5 billion euros.

“We have a happy outlook for the coming years, boosted by rising energy prices, greater environmental awareness among our fellow citizens, and regulations that will bring out the strainer rental market,” assured Mr. Repentin.

Anah also set a target of 45,000 funding in 2024 for housing adaptations to aging and loss of autonomy, compared to 26,227 in 2023.

There are a total of 577 France Rénov counseling centers in France with 2,519 counselors. A partnership with 2,700 “France Services” houses was also established.

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