Housing improvement: OPAH dedicated to the Sartenais-Valinco-Taravo intercommunity

Decided after the territorial revitalization operation (ORT) signed in 2019 and membership in 2021 in the Small Towns of Tomorrow program, prompted by a pre-operational study conducted in 2021 in eighteen municipalities in the territory, this operation programmed the housing improvement plan (OPAH) is the subject of a five-year plan until 2028 .

Its goal is to “promote and improve the housing stock, which is distinguished by its age, high vacancy rate and real estate potential that requires significant renovation work.”

He also plans to help the co-owners to structure and start their business.

In addition to improving the quality of housing, this system has other challenges: the fight against energy poverty; improving accessibility and adapting housing to facilitate independence and staying at home; development of old settlements; support to co-owners in their work projects. Jean-François Margelli, from the Habitat design office, for individual residential construction, and Bernard Raimondi, from Kalligeo, for structuring and co-ownership support, were selected for technical support for the implementation.

“Succeed together”

Véronique Venturini and Ghjuvanni Zeni detailed the issues, objectives and implementation methods before introducing the service providers and responding to elected officials about the amount of assistance, award criteria, consideration of owners of empty apartments, co-ownership… “There are fewer exclusions than before,” Véronique noted. Venturini, so much so that today everyone has the right, and the help is granted according to the expected work and income of the owner.

The OPAH-RU contract was signed by three partners: ANAH, which will contribute 1.7 million euros, Collectivité de Corse, which will pay 970,000 euros, and CCSVT, which will allocate 142,000 euros.

Three other partners “come to complement each other”, according to Véronique Venturini: EDF, ORELI and Action Logement.

“We count on elected officials”

Those responsible have set a target of 123 supported housing units, including 112 owner occupied and 17 co-owned – 7 will be supported in their work projects and 10 in their structuring project.

But, said Ange-François Leandri, “that is the goal we want to exceed, to improve; we will do it all together”.

The system still needs to be promoted and introduced. “We are counting on the success of the elected officials and their strong involvement. At no point do I predict that we could fail,” the president asserted.

The office is available at the CCSVT headquarters in Propriano every day of the week, from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 12 noon.

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