How to Change Discord Profile Picture in PC or Mobile

New to Discord? Then you must face this problem. I know there are a lot of gamers who are new to discord and they face a lot of difficulties while operating it. One of the biggest issues they face is that they do not know how to change the Discord profile picture or avatar.

That’s why I have come up with a guide on How to Change your Discord profile picture or avatar. This guide will help you with changing your discord avatar on PC & mobile devices.

Make sure to read the entire step by step guide so that you can change your discord profile picture without any errors.

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How to Change Your Discord Profile Picture or Avatar

Well, Discord is quite famous among gamers because it allows gamers to voice and text chat with each other while playing games. This tool is also very stable & that’s why it is the most favourite of all gamers.

In this guide, you will find the step by step instructions which will help you to change your Discord profile picture or avatar rather it in mobile device or PC. The process is the same for Discord website, mobile application & desktop application. So, this tutorial works for all devices and operating systems.

Follow the steps below to change your discord profile picture or avatar.

  1. Log Into your discord account.
  2. Click on the settings icon present at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Now hit change avatar.
  5. Now select your desired picture from your device.
  6. Now type your current discord account password & hit save button.
  7. You have successfully changed your Discord profile picture.

If you still have any confusion then watch the instructions in the image format from below.

How to Change your Discord Profile Photo or Avatar 2

Final Words

This method works perfectly so if you are facing problems while changing your discord picture or avatar then this method will surely help you.
If you have any question then feel free to ask below in the comments.

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