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How to Download Openload Videos

Openload or oload.co is an online file sharing and storage website just like Google Drive or Mega. People usually share videos and movies on openload. Openload is a very simple website and is very easy to use. But, there are a lot of pop-up ads on this site. So, some people find very hard to download videos and movies from this website so download music at i convert media. That’s why in this post, I am going to show you how to download videos from Openload.

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We are going to discuss the method which will help us to download movies and videos from openload or oload. I will show you the best method to download videos from openload in Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone or any device.

Let’s Get Started.

9xBuddy logo in blue and white colour
9xbuddy logo

This is the easiest method if you want to save openload.co videos on any device or operating system. We are going to use an online tool to download openload videos. You can use this method both on PC & mobile device.

Follow the steps below if you want to download videos from openload player on any device.

1. Copy URL of Openload video.

First of all, you need the URL of the video of which you want to download. So, copy the URL of the video as shown in the image below:Copy the URL of the Openload Video

2. Open 9XBuddy Openload Downloader

Now open 9XBuddy openload downloader in your browser. You will see the website like below one:9xBuddy Openload Videos Downloader

3. Paste the Video URL in 9xBuddy

Paste the URL of the video in the the box.Paste the Video URL in 9xBuddy

4. Click Download

Click on the Download button and a bar will progress from 0 to 100.
Click Download

5. Scroll down & click on Show File Size

When the bar completes, scroll down and click on show file size. It will help you to know the size of the video or movie.
Scroll down & click on Show File Size

6. Click on Download Now to download the video

Finally click on the Download Now button and the video or movie will start downloading.Click on Download Now to download the video

Advantages of Saving Oload.co or Openload Videos with 9xBuddy

Below are the advantages of downloading openload videos with 9xBuddy.

  • You can download videos without Ads.
  • The videos can be paused and resumed while downloading.
  • It works on all devices. Such as Android or Windows.
  • This is very easy to use and simple way.
  • You don’t need a VPN to download videos.

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Download Videos from Openload With Inspect Element Tool

Download Videos from Openload With Inspect Element Option

Another method to download videos or movies from openload is to use inspect element tool present in all browsers like chrome, Mozilla etc. This tool is basically used by developers during developing and testing websites.

Let’s dig right into the method!

1. Open your web browser

Open any web browser like Mozilla FireFox or Chrome. We will be using the Chrome web browser in this tutorial.

Open your web browser

2. Visit Openload Site & play the video

Now, open the openload video you want to download in your web browser and play the video.

Visit Openload Site & play the video

3. Open Inspect element tool

Right-click anywhere on the page and click on inspect element. Here, you will see a bar with some codes. Here you have to click on the arrow on right top side of the inspect element tool’s window and click on the video player.
Instructions are shown visually in the Gif Image below.

Open Inspect element tool
Inspect element tool

4. Find the link and open it in new tab

Now, you will be taken to the code of the openload video player, here you will see a link like this:

hover on openload video player and click on it
right click on link and open in new tab

Hover on this link and right-click on it to open in new tab.

5. Copy the link from New Tab & Download Video

Now, you will be redirected to a new link and the video will start playing in your browser. At this moment, copy the URL from here and paste it in any downloader like IDM to download the video.

copy url and paste in any download manager
openload video downloading in internet download manager


This was all about download oload.co or openload videos. This method works on all devices and you also don’t need a VPN to implement this.

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